February 2014

mini mioche x heart and habit collaboration It’s really really hard for me to keep exciting secrets, I’m usually the person who gives birthday presents way too early (and then has empty hands when the actual exciting day comes). This specific secret was extra hard for me to keep, but it was a secret that deserved to be kept (no empty hands on this exciting day). I am beyond excited to finally introduce you all, to a little collaboration I have been working on with Mini Mioche. Together we designed, a little line of really fun printed tees for Spring – a line of Not So Basic, Little Basics (as we like to call it).

We are huge fans of this made in Toronto organic kiddo line, for many reasons. So this collaboration really could not have been a better fit, a perfect marriage of our combined talents. Together for spring we produced 5 tee shirt and onesie styles in total, all made in the softest organic cotton around – sizes range from 0-3 months all the way up to 6T.

I’d love for you to check out the little “Not So Basic, Little Basics” line (so would these two goof balls), and heck maybe find a tee for your little one! mini mioche x heart and habit collaboration

Everything the kids are wearing (right down to the shoes) is from Mini Mioche.

*I mentioned that these are the styles we collaborated on for “Spring”, because we just “might” be cooking something up for Fall as well – just maybe! See, I still really suck at keeping secrets.


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uniform overall it's a great idea striped top . overalls (a really great affordable pair) . red lipstick . leopard bag . cotton parka . gold ring set . strappy cut-out booties

In my humble opinion, overalls are always a great idea. I have been in a love affair with them since I was a wee little kid who only wanted to wear clothing if it had pockets. Flash forward, a few years (a few meaning many) and they have surpassed trends and shimmied right into the popular books. I can’t decide if I love or hate that they are popular. I’m totally one of those (probably annoying) people who get’s all meh about things when they hit the super popular quota . But since it’s been such a long standing love affair, I don’t think even my crazy un-attractions to popular items could make me fall out of love with a great pair of overalls. This outfit would easily be an everyday uniform for me and I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of affordable overalls since I had to sell my babies last year – these have caught my eye, enough that I’ve checked 2 stores for them with no avail.

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The February edition to our 2014 #samespotcalendar. Less snow, more ice and more light – spring is taking her time but she is on her way. Are you joining in on this series via your blog or via instagram? It’s not technically too late to join (even though January has passed) you can just start your year at a different month, it’s mostly about the change in the kiddos and of course the seasons of course (but that’s not a requirement).

*Remember to tag #samespotcalendar on IG and if you’re joining via your blog, leave your url below so we can see too!


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siblings coloring pile of toys hanging out coloring playing the uke an afternoon of starwars twister The things they come up with and the problem solving that happens when they are left to their own devices (when we don’t step in to help) – is amazing and oh so entertaining. One of my most favorite things to do, is to sit back and watch them play. Watching their imaginations unfold, their problem solving skills grow and the conversations that unfold (oh man, those might be the best ever – especially when they laugh at each others jokes). We try as often as possible, to sit back and let them work things out when there is a little spat – it doesn’t always work, but it’s good practice (and it’s pretty cute). We try to let them play without our unimaginative adult minds directing the fun (in comparison to kids imaginations). Of course it never lasts too long, either we jump in or they ask us to join. This whole sitting back and watching my kids play, is something I never really though about before having kids – or maybe I did but I never could have imagined with my unimaginative adult mind (sarcasm font) it would be this awesome.

This was us on the weekend, lot’s of hanging out, tired of the cold so we stuck to indoor activities. Seems like winter is giving us one last hurrah, she wants to go out with a bang rather then nice and quietly. A few more weeks and winter will be another good memory, not the cold itself (no way, jose) but the time spent enjoying winter, avoiding it and sitting back to watch it.

*King’s tee is from RUUM, and Harlow’s cardigan is from Joe Fresh (she’s had it since she was 3 months old).


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pacifica perfume, persian rose perfume, favorite scents SMELLING PRETTY – My local health food grocer (mom and pop Whole Foods, minus the whole pay cheque) sells the full line of Pacifica products. I am super intrigued by the makeup (everything is vegan) but I instantly became obsessed with the Persian Rose Perfume (they have tons of other scents too). Like so obsessed that I would spray it on myself every time I went in, because I wasn’t sure if I needed it – Chris decided I did and bought it for me.

dried banana snacks, barnana BANANA SNACKS – I have to be honest, these Barnana snacks aren’t a fave of mine (except for the chocolate covered ones, those are okay in my books) but Harlow totally loves them. She’s a banana addict one a day, probably more. She loves banana chips, but these were a soft and chewy alternative and not full of any junk.

onitsuka tiger sneakers, slip on sneakers SNEAKERS, ALWAYS WITH THE SNEAKERS – I won’t tell you the deal I got on these, because it was pretty outrageously awesome (and totally due to my small foot size). These Onitsuka Tiger sneakers (try saying that 3 times fast) are just the right mix of everyday slip-on awesomeness, without looking too “everyday”. Also wearing my fave tights ever.

pac man joystick, atari games PAC MAN AND FRIENDS – Probably one of the best Christmas gifts we bought them, a little joy stick that plugs into the tv and has about 8 Atari games they can play. They have never played another video game console, so we constantly hear “this is the best game ever, look at how awesome it looks!?” – starting the inevitable video game experience, on a slow, steady and proper note.

tea tree oil face wash, desert essence face wash FRESH CLEAN FACE – I have tried many a face washes in my time, but I think this bottle tops the list. It sorta makes me smells like a hippie, but I love it and love how much it helps fight all the teenage break outs I keep getting. It’s a tea tree oil wash, and a pretty potent one – like don’t leave it on too long (my friend told me she gave herself a bit of a rash testing out the direct contact on the skin). *I bought the small bottle first, now I buy this huge bottle and constantly refill the small one.

knee high socks KNEE HIGHS/HALF PANTS – I’m obsessed with them for my little gal, but also wear them at home as part of my comfortable uniform. The perfect cross between pants and no pants, or tights and no tights for Har. I buy mine from H&M and Harlow got her’s from RUUM. *from this post, I can tell that Drea and Marlowe like them too!


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fresh change, hat hair, sprint hair cut, spring hair trends When you have long hair, you often let the time between cuts span waaayy too long. Or at least I assume I’m not the only one. I used to rock back and forth between short and long hair, often. Then I realized long hair just fit better with my relaxed (cough, lazy) lifestyle, and I haven’t done the short for a good 5 years. All these months of hat hair, have me itching for change. Change in weather but also hair, I think I need a spring hair cut. I would maybe chalk this up to a branch of spring fever but also just the simple fact that it’s been so long since I’ve had a hair cut I almost don’t want to tell you, how long. My issue is, I can’t commit and can never fully decide what I want and if I’ll still want it in a month – but I am on the hunt for the inspiration that breaks it.

I love these four cuts, like a whole lot but all for very different and conflicting reasons – hence why I’m so non committal. images (clockwise): one, two, three, four.


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homedays1 homedays2 We have had many more home days this winter then probably all the past 10 winters combined. Dramatic, probably a tad – but also, not really. This is the first year we have been totally sans stroller, it’s forced our snowy and cold winter outings much more intentional. In the past, I would bundle the kids up, get them all comfy in the stroller, pack snacks and cover them with the plastic stroller bubble (bubble boy and girl, is what we called them). They would be all cozy and warm and we would literally walk for hours, even in the frigid cold. It didn’t make winter more enjoyable (there’s only so much joy in cold) but it really did help fight off the winter blues.

This year is different and has taken tons of adjusting on my part. I was used to pushing a heavy stroller and walking at my own speed-walker pace and just being outside for longer (probably a con wedged in there too). This year has been all about; snow pants or should I call them “slow pants” (if you know what I mean), playing in the snow to and from everyplace, the cold weather not really enticing anyone enough to get bundled up to even leave the house and as a result it’s been home day city. My natural go-go-go pace has been forced to slow down, it was only a matter of time really.  It’s all been another eye opener, and test to enjoy moments I otherwise would have rushed through.

Don’t get me wrong, spring can’t come soon enough. But this spring I’m looking forward to not only the days spent outside with no “slow pants”, but also home days with the windows open and the sun just pouring in.

*scooters in the house (look at me mom, being all okay with this), it’s not as crazy as it looks and kinda makes home days more bearable. Also, messy home because this is my real life category.

PS. We were nominated in Apartment Therapy’s Homies Awards. If you have an extra moment and don’t mind signing up (it’s a requirement) we’d love a vote. There are a few different lists (we are under Family & Kids) and tons of awesome blogs have been nominated, it’s always great to share the love/clicks so if you are in there maybe click around and send out a few votes to your other faves.


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otherdays1 otherdays2 Yesterday was Family Day, a holiday created for people to spend with the ones they love. It is naturally a day I think we put a bit of pressure on ourselves, to make it a great holiday. The whole hope and plan to make it a great day, in my experience can be a recipe for a flunking grade on the day. A few weeks ago, my little family and I had one of those amazing days that turns out so well, despite nothing actually working out. I came to the conclusion (at the end of that day) that amazing days filled with nothing but the people you love make for a perfect day solely depend on everyone’s moods.

Yesterday Family Day, was not one of those perfect days. It was one of those other days, the kind where not a thing works out. The bad mood seems to just get passed around and around and around, and everyone seems to have a bit of a guard up fighting off the grumpies that come their way. It is one of those days, that really doesn’t have a lot of photos to document it because who wants to take a photo of a tantrum or a frustrated parent – not I. It’s funny because frustrating, grumpy days always seem to often happen on holidays like yesterday, when expectations are high and the pressure of making the last day of the weekend a great one are at a tipping point. I wouldn’t say any of it is a bad thing, because I also wouldn’t call yesterday a bad day. It was a natural day, one where we all felt comfortable enough to just feel whatever we were gonna feel and then felt better in the end after we did so. When it came to the end of the day, as one kiddo fell asleep in my arms and the other sweet talked himself to get to play a game on our phone – Chris and I both looked at each other, sighed and smiled because it was a rough one that was now near the end, because it reminded us how even grumpy days are awesome when we are with the ones we love most. Also sitting in that moment of relative silence after a semi therapeutic day of getting emotions out, mixed with knowing we had a bottle of wine waiting for us at home is also something to smile about.


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