For The Next Time You’re Buying Socks

A whole post about socks? It’s just quick I swear!
To me the worst part about folding the laundry is matching up the socks (other than putting the actual folded laundry away, that is); pattern to pattern, “oh wait that’s not the exact same pattern…ugh“, color to color “oh nope not a pair, that’s a small black and a large black“. For a while I tried making it a “really fun” matching game for the kids (try it, maybe it’ll work for you) and I asked the kids to do the matching of the socks. A fun chore for them? It worked for maybe a few weeks.

Then last Christmas I decided to color code socks for each family member, an accidental decision. Sounds confusing and really crafty, but it’s not. Basically, when I shop for socks I just stick to one color per member, it makes life after laundry so much easier.
For example Chris gets: black socks (and maybe some white), King (grey socks), Harlow (pink or purple socks), and me well I get whatever color is left (usually navy, grey or white ankle socks). No color over lapping between family members or sock twinning, makes pairing socks so much easier. And if patterns are your thing, stick to types of patterns for each member (stripes for the boy, dots for the girl? something like that).

It’s sorta silly to put so much pressure on socks, but hey it works by shortening the sock matching time by my like 90%.  Basically, you think socks once (when you shop) and then don’t really think about it again till all the socks disappear and you have to shop again. But hey, it’s almost summer and socks are pretty much the annoying cousin at this point, so file this away till fall?



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