I am an optimist at heart, my glasses are forever rosey and my glass is always half full – with this comes a whole whack of gratitude. It seems to go hand in hand with positivity, though they aren’t monogamous or exclusive. I am pretty darn good at constantly feeling this overwhelming feeling of gratitude, but I often fall short on expressing it. I am trying to change that, noticing and feeling grateful is only 2/3 of being grateful (I read this article last week, and it reminded me again why I wanted to write a post like this). Also I find it’s usually the small moments, people, things and instances that lead me to the large feeling of gratitude for the entire day. I go to bed with a smile on my face thinking of those moments (as well as all the thoughts of regret or over thinking my actions, what I didn’t get done and what I have to do – because I am human, but those don’t belong in this post).

I have been working at breaking down all those separate feelings and instances, recognizing those small things that happen throughout the day – and expressing my grateful feelings, while keeping track of the individual moments. I know those instances will end up being some of my fondest memories – and I want to make sure along with expressing my gratitude that I am keeping full stock of the moment. So this is me sharing a simple moment or two that I am overwhelmingly grateful for, for my own personal memories and maybe to help remind someone else to notice, savour and express. 1: The one family member that makes everything we do so unbelievably exciting. Chris just has a way about him (even when he’s not trying) that makes even the simple act of getting a glass a water, super exciting and fun. It has become a tradition for us to walk our tree home, it’s only a few blocks away but I’m sure it’s not comfortable for him to carry it – he carries it with a huge smile and the whole act makes the kids walk home so proud and even more excited. I am also grateful for the tree, how the super simple act of putting a tree up can warm up the whole home and put a heavy dose of Christmas spirit and excitement in everything we do. (It’s more like a two in one.)

daily moments, gratitude for the everyday, grateful for today, feeling gratitude, expressing gratitude 2: When we came home from the Christmas Market, King told me what him and Harlow talked about with Santa. He said that Harlow told Santa “We are so thankful for you” and that he told Santa “I love you so much” – then of course they told him what they wished for, but oh boy the sweetness.

daily moments, gratitude for the everyday, grateful for today, feeling gratitude, expressing gratitude 3: Little kids learning from a super patient Father, listening to them ask him questions and him so patiently respond. All while I sit back sick and unable to really help with anything, Chris notices everything and doesn’t miss a beat – takes care of them and me with such patience and kindness.

I already do a series with moments I never want to forget. So this post is very similar (but also not), I’m not sure if this post will become a series (my first “gratitude” post is here), I also haven’t decided if it’s TMI yet – so we will just have to wait and see. What are you most grateful for this day/week/month/season/day (all of the above)?


· December 13, 2013 · in Daily,Grateful