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He is fully adjusted and really loves his full days at school. I, on the other hand am not fully adjusted. This whole full day school thing totally snuck up on me. It came with the kind of tip toeing you get a little upset about cause you actually didn’t hear it coming, rather then pretending you don’t hear it. I am grateful for school, it really came at the perfect time for King – just when he needed more from the world, and maybe a little less from me. It’s a sad thought, but every day I look back on a moment and realize how much more independent he is becoming. Sometimes he kindly tells me, that he can do it himself now. Other times we bicker for weeks about small things until I shake the sand outta my ears and realize, I need to take a small step back.

Five is a crazy awesome, fun and super sad (only for Mom) age. It feels like we are currently transitioning from the little kid, I was teaching 24/7 to a kid kid who learns as much on his own as he does from following my lead. It’s amazing to sit back and watch him interact with others, tell me stories or big awesome ideas, watch him solve problems or share what he learnt in that day – my days are full of proud moments (doubled up with pride from Harlow). When you realize you are currently seeing (with your eyes) so many of the millions of things you have taught someone, it’s a crazy heart thumping out of your chest moment (moments, many moments). Most days I am bursting with pride, he is learning so much at school and growing into such an amazing boy – Chris and I talk about how proud we are of our children every night before bed – usually I high jack the conversation, to weep a little about how much I miss King every moment of the day, when he is in school (and when he is mr. independent 5 year old at home). Parenthood is such an amazing, wild, bittersweet ride.

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Dressing Ivana November 5, 2013 at 6:44 pm

just like a teenager


Heart and Habit November 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Oh my goodness, so much so!


Heart and Habit November 7, 2013 at 2:07 pm

I am holding on tight because I can only image how much harder it is going to get when teenage-hood starts, thank you!


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