sol-republic-deck WIRELESS SPEAKER – At first I wasn’t sure about it this DECK from Sol Republic, thought it might be a frivolous electronic we wouldn’t use. I was way wrong. I use it almost everyday, when we are outside playing and when I am at home working or just hanging out. It’s great because I can leave my phone charging and carry the speaker from different rooms depending on what I’m working on or doing.

way-better-chips WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE CHIPS? – You know, the ones that didn’t even make it into the cupboard. These are like a really healthy version of Doritos Cool Ranch chip, but also way better. We love all the chips from the Way Better brand, they are just as the name says; way better. Few ingredients and almost all of them are healthy, plus they just taste really great.

perplexus PERPLEXUS – King’s all time favorite toy. He bought the Junior version with his Christmas money and mastered it with his everyday playing. Over the weekend he bought the level up, with his birthday money. It was the only thing he wanted to buy and he’s been showing me up with his puzzle skills ever since.

brave-bucket-bag BUCKET BAG OF MY DREAMS – I am obsessed with this bag and I also happen to be giving it away (ends tomorrow!). I’m a backpack sorta girl, and this bag converts between a shoulder bag and a backpack – basically it had me at hello.

sunflower-kitchen-hummus HUMMUS FOR LAZY PEOPLE – Yes I know hummus is stupid easy to make, but sometimes the amount of time it takes to make it doesn’t meet up with how fast we consume it. When I’m lazy, my go to hummus is this spicy hummus from Sunflower Kitchen. Its clean with a hit of spice, no flavoring (some spicy hummus brands put chipotle and other, meh items in) – the only shame is that I can’t get it in huge portions. Also this is a local Ontario brand, so it might be difficult to track down – but totally worth it if you can.

s'well-bottle COLD WATER – I cheated on my Kleen Kanteen. Chris bought be this S’well bottle and I haven’t looked back since. It promises to keep your beverage cold or hot for 24 hours and I’m happy to report, the claims are true. Freezing cold water all day long.  And my very favorite reason, my water stays cold the whole hot yoga class – basically new favorite bottle.


  1. Nico says

    Where did you get the water bottle??? Been looking for a nice new one that actually keeps water cold for a while

    • Heart and Habit says

      My husband got it for me! There is an amazon link and a direct link to the S’well site, in the post otherwise maybe WholeFoods?


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