To and From Attire

to and from | what to wear When it comes to the attire I throw on to get to and from yoga, it’s usually the same old faithful hoodie, wool socks pulled up to my knees and track pants thrown on over top. It’s glamorous and oh-so exciting, but hey it’s warm especially when the wind it blowing me over in the pitch black of the morning. But as the snow melts (that’s coming soon right!?) I’m going to have to shed my winter coat, my hide my clothes-never-have-to-really-get-dressed-secirity-blanket of a coat. And a few new to and from items are needed, since my “from” is almost always walking the kids to school. But who am I kidding “to and from” items are basically everyday items, so it’s good all around.
So, because I like to share here are a few things I keep putting in my shopping cart – it takes me a while to pull the trigger. Wither it’s yoga, the gym, barre or whatever your workout drug of choice is – here are a few things to get you to and from. one [hooded tee]

what to wear to and from yoga two [side slit sweater] – three [drop crotch sweats] – four [shiny leggings]

to and from yoga attire | yoga five [karma made me pullover] – six [short sleeve sweatshirt] – seven [loose scoop long sleeve] – eight [hoodie]

to and from yoga nine [tank onesie] – ten [heaven sweatshirt] – eleven [batwing parka] – twelve [slouchy knit onesie] – thirteen [slim sweatpants]

What is your usual to and from uniform? Do you have a favorite everyday lazy item?


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