Stop To Smell The Roses

stop to smell the roses It happens a couple of times a year, maybe even more? I can’t remember now. That feeling of things just not feeling like they fit, like my brain just can’t quite focus, that old burned out brain feeling. I know I am not the only one that gets that feeling from time to time (funny/not funny that it also coincides with allergy season?). This bogged down feeling tends to happen when you are constantly using your brain to churn out new content and you work totally alone — plus when you over think every tiny detail that goes into each item and every detail that follows, now that’s a recipe for a crispy brain burn out. And by you, I mean me.

I have big dreams for this space and other projects I am trying to get rolling, it seems whenever I feel like I am getting things moving, I get overwhelmed with my own thoughts and burrrrnnnn myself right out. Also since the kids both went off to school my content on the blog did a giant shift, at first it was totally unintentional when my daytime focus changed so did my content. I find the “cultivating a simple, stylish and content every day” focus (mostly general lifestyle stuff like usual, but that sounds way better), takes more from me in a different way and makes this whole working by myself at home all the time sometimes a little taxing. SO because I know this feeling is something that happens every so often I am trying my best to take this as a moment of improvement rather than a sad burn out moment (no violins).  A few things I am doing to make things feel like I’m back on track refreshed/recharged/kicked in the pants and ready to jump back in with a smile:

  • I am going to look at maybe renting a wee space inside of that bigger studio/warehouse (eeee!!!). Which feels pretty huge to me, a big step! And it will surely be a huge help to not always working on my lonesome, from my kitchen table.
  • Reach out for help more often, I just can’t do everything myself (even though I really like to try). I have an amazing network of friends and talented people, I need to use them more — but not in a use and abuse sorta way.
  • Take smaller steps towards my end goals, take my own advice and start smaller but START.
  • Stop and smell the roses, it’s okay if things are a tad quiet for a day or two — something I need to remind myself.
  • Focus on my consulting and contributing projects, I often find the best inspiration when I am helping others attain their goals and dreams — it’s empowering and totally gratifying.
  • Yoga, yoga, yoga and maybe a little more yoga then normal. Basically I plan to stay on  my everyday practice, but take things slower when I’m finished and try my best to take my yoga with me and into every single moment of my day.
  • Get the F outside and find some real inspiration, I mean it’s beautiful out there.

Do you get that brain burned out feeling every so often? What are some of the things you do to kick yourself out of it?


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