SHELBY FROM BRANDON & SHELBY WOULD WEAR: 01.sunglasses 02.sun hat tee 04.leggings 05.rubber boots

TO A GARDENING MOM TIME OUT: image via Dreamy Whites

SHE WOULD USE: 06.gardening tools basket 07.trowel 08.plant markers 09.gloves

Spring is here and with spring comes new life! I love gardening and putting my hands in the ground as it helps grounds me and my thoughts. Gardening is so refreshing, as I can work in the dirt and sort out my thoughts and be inspired by all the new life around me. Its so amazing to see all the beautiful things that come from the earth, how could you not be refreshed and inspired? So in my mom time out, I would make my escape to the fresh outdoors and utilize my hands and able body to create something new and living.


ANNA NOVAK FROM TIN SPARROW STUDIO WOULD WEAR: 02.sunglasses 03.shorts 04.sandals 05.earrings

TO A MOM TIME OUT EVENING AT THE LAKE: image via Tin Sparrow Studios

SHE WOULD USE: 06.bag 07.canteen 09.notebook 10.pencils 11.blanket

Anna is a must follow on Instagram, her talented photographers eye and love for her beautiful family, make for a pretty darn spectacular Instagram feed – she is easily one of my favs!


LIZ FROM YELLOW FINCH WOULD WEAR: 01.workout top 02.cycle shorts 03.headband 04.cycle shoes

TO A SPINNING CLASS MOM TIME OUT: image via chatalaine

SHE WOULD USE THIS: 05.tote bag 06.water bottle wear in the steam room 08.cover up for the steam room the steam room to bike too

As a busy stay at home mom of three I don’t often get much time to myself. Sure, I would love to take time to grab a coffee, sit down and work in silence, bake, or read a book. But when it comes down to it I would really love to hit the gym, enjoy a spinning class, push myself to my fullest and then treat myself to the sauna and steam room. I’m usually running in and out of the gym so fast, picking kids up at the child watch and doing actives with them that I don’t even know where the steam room is! I have always turned to fitness to relieve my stress and tension. As a mom of three, we are always on the go. Our days are jam packed with homework, soccer, cub scouts, music, swimming, baseball and more. For me, I need to sweat out the stress of our crazy schedule in order to keep my mind cleared.
Visit Liz on her blog and check out her picture perfect family (her photos are also perfect), learn more about how a mom of three does it all – literally Liz does it all!


AMBER FROM HAPPINESS IS EVA WOULD WEAR: 01.Maxi Dress 02.Belt 03.Clutch 04.Shoes

TO A TEA FOR TWO MOM TIME OUT: image via touched by an eclectic angel

SHE WOULD USE: 05.Chai Tea 06.Mug 07.Tea Pot 08.Sweet Snacks

I think when women become mothers, they often find this new role completely incapsulating. For myself, I know this to be true. Completely in love, but in a sense, when I first became a mother to my beautiful little girl, I lost a little part of my own identity. I was no longer “Amber”, but rather “Eva’s Mummy”.

If I’ve learnt anything from motherhood, it’s that you have to be selfless. You have to put the needs of your newborn above your own. But as Eva has gotten older, slowly I’ve had to learn to accept that it’s ok to have a break, to put myself first, to be a little ‘selfish’. So, whether it’s attending my Saturday morning prenatal yoga class, shopping for a couple of hours or just going over to a friend’s house for afternoon tea, I’ve learnt that I need these little moments to reenergize and refresh.


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