Trendy Little Things | Trompe L’oeil Tees

Trendy Little Things is the trend report that covers all the hottest emerging seasonal trends in kids’ fashion. Today’s little trend report is perfect for both boys and girls. The Trompe L’oeil tee..the old faker, an optical illusion, basically an art technique used to make anything look realistic.

It’s super cute when used on a tee, an easy way to wear a ‘necklace’, ‘dress like a rock star’, or ‘play a guitar’ by only putting on a tshirt!

1.The “your a heartbreaker, dreammaker” tee : Add a bit of 80’s rock to her little wardrobe. {Little Trendstar benatar tee $20}

2.The “yeah, I’m a robot” tee : Cause really, what little boy doesn’t wish he was a robot? {77kids boys monster pal tee $16.50}

3.The “this is totally my favourite song” tee : So he can listen to Yo Gabba Gabba all day long. {Zara kids headphones t-shirt $12.90}

4.The “want me to play you a song” tee : Start those air guitar lessons early. {The Gap kids festival graphic tee $16.95}





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