mama watters, its the little things, mom time out, mom break, adult time, mom style, cooking break AMANDA (aka Mama Watters) FROM IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS WOULD WEAR: 01.Glasses  02.Sweats  03.Apron  04.Slippers

TO CREATE DINNER RECIPES: image via @mamawatters

SHE WOULD USE: 05.Dutch Oven  06.Cookbook  07.Oven Mitt  08.Verjuice  09.Utensils  10.Salt Bowl  11.Mortar and Pestle

As a full time middle school English teacher and mama of one energetic tot, I jump at the opportunity for some mom time out.  Each and every night I find solace in our cozy little kitchen where my stress melts away with each turn of the wooden spoon.  The likelihood of cooking with no one (cough* cough* Stella) running through my legs is rare, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put on my apron and compile an array of random ingredients while backing up Ella Fitzgerald on Pandora, right?  For me, there has always been something so comforting about creating a meal for my family.  The stirring, the smelling, the savoring as I go…all of this is very cathartic for me.   It is a ritual that I look forward to before we sit down and share our days with one another.  Not only is cooking a way to get some precious me time, but also serves as an expression of love for my family.

Make sure you check out Amanda’s adorable blog, she has a serious talent with words and a super talent of making adorable babies!



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