That Summer Feeling

long weekend vibes beach carrying throwing rocks beach side fun what's your summer bucket list? #summerbucketlist The long weekend in May always has me itching for summer days, basically just more days like long weekend days. And now that the long weekend is over, oh hello Tuesday that feels like a Monday! I’m thinking maybe the best way to get over this long weekend hangover is to just go on and look ahead to summer — since we are all already looking that way anyways, am I right?

I like to be rather anal retentive about our summer plans, our summer bucket list usually gets entered into my sunrise calendar (best calendar app by the way) so I have a loose plan for each-and-every summer day. That way my anal retentive brain can a)make sure the bucket list items actually get checked off, b)everyday is just equally awesome and c)I can figure out how to fit in my work schedule, in-between all the fun somewhere.

I added “make summer bucket list” to my weeks plans, but thought I’d ask you all what’s on your list — off the top of your head! I can tell you that tan my bright like the sunlight legs and feet will be on that list and probably some more rock throwing and beach hanging, because well obviously.

What’s on your summer bucket list? Shoot me with your ideas!

And responsibility checklist for the kids, sounds like fun right!? But really, and in all honesty helped to keep our last summer on track and happy, so hey enter your email to get your free before bedtime and morning time responsibility downloadable and printable checklists for the kids

Texting With Friends / 01

cherry blossoms / texting with friends If we were friends, like in real life friends (maybe we are, and if so aww you read my blog!) I’d probably send you random texts throughout the week. With my random thoughts, random things I see or think about that remind me of someone. Or just generally things I think they would think are awesome/funny. Random is sorta my game, just ask anyone who knows me in real life. So because it’s fun andI think you guys will think some of the random things we share are also awesome/funny, I thought “hey sometimes I’ll share them here too”.
Call it a link round-up, whatever — but here is just some awesome things I (and my friends) found floating around the net. And the above photo, it’s from last weekend at the Cherry Blossom festival, nope it wasn’t busy at all.

  • Whine About It with Matt Bellassai, we should probably be friends if you loved this video too.
  • I like this pretty moon phases print, you probably will too and if you get it our homes will be matching..sorta.
  • Because I really like natural cleaners, but am always googling how to make them — an all in one infographic/recipe list.
  • A gigantic resource for free (I looove free) vintage prints that are printable. I probably just could have said vintage printable’s, but I didn’t.
  • For later in life when you have teenagers, there is even a free printable! I’m holding on to this one for later.
  • Sure it’s an ad, but I found it pretty helpful for making my food last longer in the fridge.
  • And for the slightly boring stuff, and because my mac is lagging (probably on it’s very last leg) I had to clean it up again, maybe you do too?

And hey, happy long weekend Canadian friends and happy weekend everyone else, sorry to rub it in. Or if you’re viewing this from our newsletter on Monday, hope your weekend was great!

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The Perfect: Hot Yoga Attire

The Perfect: Hot Yoga Attire A simple but perfect little round-up of the items I swear by when it comes to a hot yoga class. It took me a while to figure out what worked and then what worked really well. I still remember that very first Moksha class I took, I had NO idea what to wear plus the teacher sang at the end, awkward moments like those help me to remember moments forever.
So if you were like me and you want to try a hot class, but you have no idea what you should wear — here try this! Or if you have been going to hot classes and you want to get some stuff that will help you go even more/love it — here you go!

  • Go for a tank with support over layers, the less fuss and muss the better. And support, even if your ladies are small is always a good idea. And hey, if you really dig layers and think a single tank top is a terrible idea, try a sports bra and fitted tank combo like this and this. *fitted tanks are good, less flipping up and flowing around when you are moving — aka less revealing when you are actually in class.
  • Try you best to go for a tank that also has moisture wicking, unless you’re a unicorn and you don’t sweat at all, you are going to sweat. You don’t want your tank soaking up all that sweat and weighing 25 lbs at the end of class.
  • My favorite tanks are the Power Y and Yeah Yoga tanks, simple and no fuss.
  • I also really love a sports bra as a tank, but I can already feel your eye rolls so I didn’t add that as a “perfect” item. BUT if you’re into bras as tops, for yoga, I am loving these: all you need brastraight up bra and energy bra.
  • But most importantly just something to keep your water in and right beside you. Whatever you prefer for water holding will do, but since we are talking about “perfects” here…
  • A water bottle that will keep your water cold the entire hot class long is the bee’s knees. S’well bottle’s are my personal favorite for keeping things cold or hot for a full 24 hours.
  • This wood one is so pretty. It’s a woody! — okay that instantly takes all the pretty away
  • Super because it looks great and it’s not slippery. Some towels are slippery and then they just defeat the entire purpose, big fluffy bathroom towels aren’t the most yoga friendly.
  • A towel that has an added moisture wicking benefit is eyes-popping-out-of-my-head, amazing. Okay, not that amazing. But practice changing amazing, just lay it down and forget about it. And forget about slipping on your own sweat, because that might happen without a towel but not with one of these towels.
  • The yogitoes towels are my favorite, not slippery and they have grippy beads to make sure your towel doesn’t slip on your mat.
  • Unless you’re really into shorts? But for hot yoga, I’d say try capris!  I did the shorts thing for a while in hot yoga and sure my legs were a bit more airy but man were they also slippery with sweat.
  • Capris are a good middle ground, slightly airy but still covered to avoid being all slippy.
  • A great capri that has moisture wicking and is breathable will be your best friend, fitted or not it all depends on your style.
  • I love the wunder under crop (favorite all around yoga bottom), in the flow crop and I’ve been eyeing the hot to street crop.
  • This is more of a carrying mat strap rather than, a strap. Though yoga straps are great, they just aren’t apart of your attire.
  • Since this is hot yoga we are talking about, a mat strap is a great mat carrying option since it let’s your mat breathe a little. And even though it can’t talk, it want’s to breathe.
  • Mat bags are great, but people tend to leave their mat in the bag after classes and then things just get stinky real quick.
  • Go for the strap, this one is great.
  • Okay, I find mats are super subjective. What I love, might not be what you love. Because what I need in a mat might not be what you need, make sense? I have had the pleasure to try a few different brands and like many of them for all different reasons. But my go to all around favorite is my Jade.
  • A mat that is grippy and non slippery with a light dripping of sweat (if you sweat a lot this is where the towel comes in) will make yoga, (the just starting out parts or just getting really into it parts) so much better.
  • A great mat is a game changer, so don’t buy the cheap ones you see in stores — this is one case where they are cheap for a reason. Save your pennies and buy a good one!
  • Again, my favorite is my Jade Harmony, in case you forgot already.

a quick note: If you are heading to your first ever class, don’t go out buying all this stuff. Just do your best to find things that sorta fit the bill, that are already in your closet — and see if you can rent a mat and towel (or use an older maybe a little rougher beach towel from home) from the studio. Then if or when you fall totally in love with hot yoga, come back to this list.

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Those Times When You Only Have One Free Hand

sandwich hands | when you have one free hand to hold 99.9 times out of ten (I know my math is a tad flawed) I don’t always have two free hands to hold my kids two little hands. There are many times in the day when the moment calls for me to hold my kids hands; when stepping into the subway, crossing a busy street, but we live in the city so in-reality “many moments” mostly means all moments. There are also many times in the day when the same moment leaves me with only one free hand, sometimes no free hands but usually I can wiggle at least one free when I’m stuck. Does this happen to you?
My bag of choice is already a backpack, and the reason is pretty much to make the whole two hands free thing, more of a possibility. But still, sometimes one hand is all I got and I have two little kids hands to hold — so the math just doesn’t work.

So we developed this system/game, called “sandwich hands“. It’s basically exactly what you see, a sandwich of hands — I just call out “sandwich hands!” when I need two hands but only have one of my own to give. It’s only good for short distances (crossing the street, getting into subways, making your way through a small but dense crowd, etc) and it often results in some kiddo bickering (but really what doesn’t?) mostly about who get’s to be the cheese or the bread.

The next time you only have one free hand to hold (or maybe you have two free hands but need to hold 4 little hands?) try “sandwich hands”. PS. I went on a field trip with Harlow’s class the other day and sandwich hands, also worked like a charm with the kiddos I was taking care of.

plus also. How To Make It Through The Day When You’ve Had Zero Sleep + Big City Living, Even If You Don’t Live In A Big City

Over The Weekend

cherry-blossoms I’m on a bit of a Mother’s Day hangover, the entire weekend was just SO good. So while I try to get my butt back to reality, all while I try to get over a very minor case of creative burn out (this weekend was some pretty great medicine) here are some random pics from over the weekend. And oddly enough, none from actual Mother’s Day — that day was just too good, no photos were even taken (well there was probably some, somewhere). So here are a few from my iphone which are always more candid and in the moment.
We went to have a look-see at the High Park cherry blossoms, we were totally blown away by the crowds (plus the amount selfie sticks) and how silly I was to not remember just about how allergic spring time nature is to me and King.

jorts Jort season (or short season if that’s more your thing) decided to start this weekend, from winter right into summer — don’t ask, cause I don’t know either.

crowds This was a very light view of the crowd that came out to view the cherry blossoms. I was part way between being totally overwhelmed by the amount of people and totally in awe of the people watching potential.

family-photo Family picture, basically like an awkward family selfie but with feet (and not even full feet).

relaxing Her first time ever having those processed cheese bread stick dippers (well King too, but he was off throwing a ball around). I was totally eyeing it like no tomorrow, those disgusting things are my favorite and I thought it was due time they finally had a taste of yummy fake food. (my bag).
PS. they also had bubble gum for the first time this weekend, basically epic weekend in the littles books.

pretzel Not from the weekend, from the week but I love it. Those big and little loves, pretzel included.

5 Cool Kickstarters

trinity-one The Trinity One

A coffee brewing device, designed to look great on your counter, plus also brew your coffee in 3 different ways. Brew your pour overs, air pressure and cold brews — basically it’s a pretty coffee brewer that will replace a few of your specialty brewers and look really good doing it.

trobla Trobla

Looks like a speaker and acts like one too, except it’s made from a piece of wood. It’s a wooden amplifier made to amplify the sound that your smart phone makes. It’s like a really pretty version of the old ‘put your phone in a bowl’ to amplify the sound, life hack.

le-coeur Le Coeur Watches

Really really ridiculously good-looking (like Hansel) watches. Minimal designs, that are pretty big on style. I am all heart eyes over a few styles, and hey it would also be pretty cool to tell the time from an actual watch again.

sole-socks Sole Socks

Part shoe liner, part sock. The perfect liner/sock for summer, you will look like you are going bare feet except you actually aren’t. Save your shoes from getting all summer stinky and keep those pesky socks from ruining your look.

kazbrella KAZbrella

A crazy cool umbrella, it opens inside out. I was sold on the inside out opening, but supposedly it will also keep you drier, and you will have less umbrella flip outs on windy days. The concept is pretty darn cool, and one I am totally intrigued by.

imbue Imbue

A pretty darn good-looking magnetic tea infusing vessel slash mug. Great for traveling, or tea drinking on the go.

Always so many cool things to be found on kickstarter and it’s been a while since I called out a few I think are totally fantastic. It’s a great way to fall in love with a product and then be a part in helping it grow. Happy Friday!
Have you seen any cool kickstarter’s lately? What about these, which one is your favorite?