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We sorta half planned to hit up the Jazz festival in The Beaches, but once we got down to the water we sorta just sat back and didn’t move. It was a little windy so the waves were loud and a little on he big side (for a lake) – which adds that exxxxtra relaxing touch, listening to the waves roll in and out. We were sleepy and dragging our feet to begin the day, once we sat our butts down it was over and there was no moving. The only thing missing on our laid back  lazy Sunday were our Pajamas, though they just wouldn’t have really fit in with the speedos walking around anyways. Happy Monday everyone, hope it’s a bit more laid back (insert sound lyrics here…and if you know what I’m talking about you win a high five!) then usual!


  1. Mónica says

    Summer is the best I’m more relaxed enjoy most about my children will we have more time? or will the heat?. Kisses and happy Tuesday.


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