Photoshop Actions | Muted Colors

A bit of a change from our regular “The Past Week” Sunday post.

I get alot of comments and emails, about my pictures. Most of my pictures {98% of them} are taken by my husband, he has a great eye and is super creative, but neither of us are professional photographers by any means. Usually he takes the pictures and I do all the editing, it’s a pretty perfect system.

My Mister’s pictures are always really great, and with some creative and skillful editing the pictures can become amazing, special and almost {Editing isn’t that magical} professional looking.

A great way to edit pictures is to use Actions, it can cut down your working time drastically! Instead of spending a hour or more per photo, and trying to remember the exact units you used and in what order…you can save your steps. I thought I would share some of the actions I created and use, or maybe a link to some great ones I downloaded. So once in a while I will post an action for download, or a link, if you like.

This is for an action I named “Muted Colors” {It washes out the colors, and adds higher contrast} You can see how some editing can take a very cute but regular photograph to another level.

>>>You can download this action here: muted colors

Please let me know how you like it {your feedback} and if you decide to share please just post a link back showing where you got it from.



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