HER | holiday gift guide just for her 1. Astrology Calendar – 2.Shawl Funnel Scarf – 3.Quartz Necklace – 4.Waxed Canvas Bag – 5.Marbled Notepads – 6.Fedora – 7.Marble iPhone Case – 8.Crawling Earring – 9.Striped Oversized Tee – 10.Black Zipper Pouch – 11.Face Mask

The first or our gift guides, I have a few more lined up. I wanted to get them all posted prior to the crazy sale season (not to be confused with the actual holiday season) but sick kiddos take priority over everything and I’m running a tad late (on everything). So (enough with the excuses) here is my first round-up of gifts, great for the big HER in your life – friend, sister, cool teenager (IDK, I don’t know what’s hip with the kids these days), maybe mom, and probably you (just nonchalantly, show your partner). Happy Hump Day, and stay healthy – I’m off to wipe more boogers!


  1. Michele says

    I can’t get the link for the astrology calendar to work, and have been looking for one for a gift! Can you post the link again? Thanks!


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