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Here come our holiday gift guides first up; for a friend, Mother, sister or maybe to share with someone who does the wife or girlfriend shopping (winks). Here is my list of things, that would make the perfect gift for her – followed by a list of non tangible items and some from the heart ones as well (because those are always the best).

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Time for Herself, because it’s important and maybe she needs the reminder. Here are some cozy items for a reading moment, items to take with her en-route to yoga (or another class), or something to help her cooking addiction.

Also a few things that you can slip into an envelope or even better, make yourself (these might work good paired with an item above):

*Gift Card to a yoga, barre or workout studio (only if she has already been eyeing it, otherwise don’t do it!). *A homemade coupon book for things she deserves (nap, sleep in, bubble bath, a day to read, let someone cook for her, have someone else clean for her). *A day at the spa or a masseuse appointment. *A booked class for something she has been wanting to learn (cooking class, floral arranging, woodworking, learning a new computer program, photography…the options are endless).


holiday gifts for mom, gifts for her, holiday gift guide to pamper mom, home made gift guide mom LIP BALM/TINTWINTER GLOVESPERFUMEBALL CAPLIP SCRUBMOM’s STUFFBUCKET BAGDRY SHAMPOO

Treat Her, well more like you treat her with something she would love or with something she can use to pamper herself throughout the year.

Also a few things that you can slip into an envelope (go for an item above paired with one below):

*A Gift Card to her favorite shop. *An IOU for a date night (all planned out). *An IOU for a lunch date. *Maybe include something she has been talking about needing or updating for a long time, treat her by doing it for her (pots and pans, computer program, an electronic, furniture items) *restock her favorite creams and potions (or buy a gift card so she can do this)

Check out last years gift guide, here cause it’s still pretty awesome.

*Chris and I decided not to gifts, we are going to buy each other extra food and booze instead (good deal, right?). But a few things I’m wish listing, maybe as a present from myself: wacom tablet, sneakers, these boots, this hat, this sweater and a camera lens.

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Becca December 3, 2013 at 5:34 pm

I totally just bought myself those gloves from urban. I have been looking for stylish leather gloves for a few weeks, and none have poped out at me. Those ones were PERFECT!! thank you!


Heart and Habit December 4, 2013 at 1:17 pm

Oh nice! You are ever so welcome, I loved the mix of "leather" and knit.


JeannieRichard December 4, 2013 at 1:30 am

The only thing I know here is that Lip Scrub from Winsome and Green – its sure works great at a really reasonable price!


Heart and Habit December 4, 2013 at 1:16 pm

The whole shop looked amazing! Thanks so much for the extra recommendation!


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