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homedays1 homedays2 We have had many more home days this winter then probably all the past 10 winters combined. Dramatic, probably a tad – but also, not really. This is the first year we have been totally sans stroller, it’s forced our snowy and cold winter outings much more intentional. In the past, I would bundle the kids up, get them all comfy in the stroller, pack snacks and cover them with the plastic stroller bubble (bubble boy and girl, is what we called them). They would be all cozy and warm and we would literally walk for hours, even in the frigid cold. It didn’t make winter more enjoyable (there’s only so much joy in cold) but it really did help fight off the winter blues.

This year is different and has taken tons of adjusting on my part. I was used to pushing a heavy stroller and walking at my own speed-walker pace and just being outside for longer (probably a con wedged in there too). This year has been all about; snow pants or should I call them “slow pants” (if you know what I mean), playing in the snow to and from everyplace, the cold weather not really enticing anyone enough to get bundled up to even leave the house and as a result it’s been home day city. My natural go-go-go pace has been forced to slow down, it was only a matter of time really.  It’s all been another eye opener, and test to enjoy moments I otherwise would have rushed through.

Don’t get me wrong, spring can’t come soon enough. But this spring I’m looking forward to not only the days spent outside with no “slow pants”, but also home days with the windows open and the sun just pouring in.

*scooters in the house (look at me mom, being all okay with this), it’s not as crazy as it looks and kinda makes home days more bearable. Also, messy home because this is my real life category.

PS. We were nominated in Apartment Therapy’s Homies Awards. If you have an extra moment and don’t mind signing up (it’s a requirement) we’d love a vote. There are a few different lists (we are under Family & Kids) and tons of awesome blogs have been nominated, it’s always great to share the love/clicks so if you are in there maybe click around and send out a few votes to your other faves.

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