homeyoga2 Let’s talk working out with kids. It’s so easy and totally not hard at all, right!? Ha! Usually I sneak out, before anyone is awake or after the kids go to bed and head to the yoga studio (my me time). Lately, my husband has been working so much sneaking out is really only possible 1 or maybe 2 days a week if I’m lucky. SO I try my best to make do with time and make a workout happen even with the supreme lack of alone time. I took this picture this morning (I had to capture it), this is me trying to sneak in a yoga practice – it’s cute, but otherwise not very effective.  The only way I’m ever able to fit in a sorta decent work-out at home is to:

Hand out breakfast (oatmeal, a safe breakfast) run to the kids room and rush through a practice . Wait till King is at school and include Harlow, at home or maybe out for a run (but boy do I dislike and stink at running) . Wake up before everyone and tip-toe through a silent workout (tip toeing is really counter productive when you are trying to break a sweat) . During naptime or after bedtime (I am not very good at the evening workouts).

So working-out at home (with kids) how do you do it? Your tips, I need them!


  1. says

    Great question, I’m still figuring this out too! During the summer I had a good routine in of running to the playground with B in the stroller then using the playground equipment to stretch and do some push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

    Now that it’s well below freezing and icy outdoors I’m at a loss. I bundle B way up and walk with her and we dance around the living room but it’s just not the same. Honestly, we’re both a little stir crazy :(. I hope someone has some great suggestions here!

  2. Desiree says

    I’m pregnant with my second and have had pretty severe pelvis/hip problems since my first trimester. My physical therapist gave me a home program to help alleviate some of the pain. Originally, I thought I’d never be able to do it with my 5 year old running around but she actually joins in on the stretches and yoga poses. I set up a mat next to mine and we just flow through it together. Is it as relaxing as doing it on my own? NO WAY! But it does it done … most days.

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    This is such a great question! I live in Wisconsin so during the summer months, I try to run or sneak in a yoga class before work. Now, that the winter months have hit I’m STILL trying to find my groove. Recently, I have tried to workout during my lunch hour and then have delusions of working out after Ingrid has gone to sleep. It’s a constant battle to get this done first thing in the morning.

  4. Rachel says

    Most YMCAs offer free child care for members. They’re staffed with adults who arecertified in CPR, First AId, child care, and are background checked.

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    beautiful pic!! i try to do pilates as a game with my two year old or a kids yoga on demand on tv lol! if all else fails dance party to our favorite songs! i really need to get back on track so thank you for this post!

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    I never get a good Yoga session in with the kids. I noticed the more I did it though, the more they did it. It made it more challenging to not step on my kid or have a kid crawl on my back while in upward dog. It has become a game for the kids to do what mommy does. You can also do really fun workouts with the kids! Playing with them at the park, doing somersaults, dancing to your favorite song, hikes, and those nice speed walks, are simple and great workouts. Doing a quick workout program even for 10 minutes here and there while they are around helps them know how important exercise and meditation is. It may help them grow to enjoy fitness more even! You go parents!




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