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Today is the very last of our Holiday Gift Guides, I’ve posted boys, girls, moms and stuff for the home, so last but certainty not least dads…

Today’s list is a wish list for Dad (this my personal gift list for my handsome husband). 1.Ginham Bowtie (BAGZETOILE $30) : Because he doesn’t know how much he loves bowties yet. 😉

2.My Mind Set Mug (KNGO $9) : Perfect gift for my Beatles lover who’s coffee obsessed.

3.Messenger Bag (NEW DUDS $122) : He is in need of a new man bag, and this one is perfect.

4.Personalized Camera Strap (HARLEX $80) : Perfect manly strap for my photog

5.Mr. Mustachio Shaving Bar (SWEET PETUIA $6) : For a man who doesn’t like shaving cream.

6.Brass and Wood iPhone Case (EXO VAULT $165) : One of the coolest iPhone cases I have ever seen, perfect for Chris.

7.Memories Keychain (PATSDESIGN $18) : A penny from the year of each of the most special dates (first started dating, married, kiddo births).

8.Ugly Sweater Tee (VARDAGEN $20) : A fun ugly sweater parody for my tee shirt lover.

9.Triangle Organic Tee (JESSALIN BEUTLER $25) : Simple but perfect, and not overly basic. My husband likes tees.

10.Remote Control Storage (MICKLLSH $300) : Since I’m always losing the remotes or the kids are hiding them, the perfect remote home.

Happy Shopping!



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Last week I posted our favorite Handmade gift items for boys, moms, and the home. Today it’s all about my wishlist items for my girl.. 1.Plush Bunny Doll (PRETTY PLUSH $65) : Harlow LOVES LOVES Bunnies. She already has her favorite but I think a special handmade one would be a great addition.

2.Vintage Inspired Toddler Cloche (TEENY BUNNY $32) : A toddler cloche!? Need I say more?

3.Peter Pan Collared Patterned Dress (VINTAGE CHILD $78) : Classic and oh so pretty!

4.Hand Printed Leggings (THIEF & BANDIT KIDS $34) : I pretty much love everything in this shop, but a great pair of leggings and a headband top my fav list.

5.Toddler Mouse Jumper (WILD THINGS DRESSES $48.50) : Holy Cute! This needs to be on Harlow.

6.Studded Bow Headband (GIDDY UP AND GROW $17) : We have bow headbands but the studs make it so much cooler!

7.Boys Plaid Shoe (PINK2BLUE $30) : Yes they are boys shoes but man these would be so awesome on my little lady (and they don’t come in Kingston’s size).

8.Wooden Double Layer Puzzle (HAMMCRAFTED $114) : One of the coolest puzzles I’ve ever seen, almost gives the forest a 3d look.

9.Arctic Finger Puppets (BABY ANIMALS $38) : So cute and my kids would have a blast with these.

10.Rabbit Art Print (HONEY CUP $16) : Harlow is our Hunny Bunny.

Happy Shopping!



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Yesterday was our Handmade Gift Guide for moms, and boys the day before. Today is a gift guide all about items for the home, most of these would make great gifts for a friend or family member. 1.Vintage inspired wall prints (EVAJULLET $79) : I dig type and graphic items and these would make a great home in our washroom (great to see first thing in the morning).

2.Bonjour wood sign (SIGNS OF A DAYDREAMER $45) : We need a little more French in our home, and so great for the entrance.

3.Door Mat (DAMN GOOD DOOR MATS $40) : This is exactly what my husband says everything he leaves the house.

4.Kitchen Conversions (SWEET FINE DAY $24) : Fantastic reference and it looks great!

6.Stay Calm Dish (MBART STUDIOS $22) : Love, but I would want a few to cluster and hang together on a kitchen wall.

7.Cora Hamper (JENNA ROSE HANDMADE $78) : It’s pretty and I have so many uses for it, probably end up filled with toys though.

8.Porcelain Berry Basket (FOREST CLEARING $40) : How pretty would my fridge look, all organized with these?

9.Ink Blot Tea Towel (PIGEON TOE CERAMICS $20) : So fun, tired of my boring, unimaginative tea towels.

10.Cast Iron Antler Wall Hook (THE DOOR STOP $28) : Looks great and my husband will like not having me ask him to hang up his coat.

Happy Shopping!


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Yesterday was our Handmade Gift Guide for boys, today the perfect gifts for mom. This is my personal wish list, heavy on the wishing..but it’s sure fun to wish. 1.Wide Striped Mini (AND WHAT ELSE IS THERE $45) :I have a love affair with the hard to pull off horizontal stripe, basically I like a challenge. This skirt is perfection.

2.Vintage Southweastern Bag (OMNIA WEARS $95) : Ok not handmade but it’s vintage, just as awesome. And really this bag is fantastic!

3.Black Cashmere Cape (FM908 $98) : I think I saw this cape in my dreams.

4.Kitty Cat Tee (Leah Goren $sold) : Of course this tee sold as soon as I created my post. But I LOVE Leah Goren and anything from her shop would have a happy home in my closet.

5.Quilted Necklace (HOMAKO $53) : One of a kind statement necklace, perfect for days when you just want to wear a tee.

6.Metallic Lace and Leather Clutch (SCOUT AND CATALOUGE $54) : LOVE LOVE LOVE

7.Black Stud Moccisans (Darlingtonia $129) : I love the rock  edge to these pretty boho mocs.

8.Forget Me Knot Ring (WHITE FLY $90) : I’m very forgetful and what a pretty way to poke fun at me..hint hint hubby. 😉

9.Black Heart Pullover (TWO STRING JANE $68) : I’m a casual girl who loves a simple graphic print.

10.Set of Studded Bracelts (MOOREA SEAL $36) : I love all of Moorea Seal’s Jewellery, but I need some basic leather bracelets in my box.

11.Wolf Necklace (FAWING IN LOVE $25) : Mom thinks it’s super cool and the kids are sure to ask me to wear it everyday.

12.Leopard Turband (LEILANNI LAND $22) : I’m not the biggest leopard fan, but this turban would be the perfect amount of leopard for me and the perfect accent to a bad hair day.

13.If I Only Had  A Heart Dress (ALEXANDRA GRECCO $120) : So beautiful I don’t think I need a reason.

14.Fairisle Hat and Half Mitt Set (ELDE $60) : Rustic and simple. I like.

15.Wrapped Fox Tee (DANDYRIONS $37) : Because I would never put a real fox around my neck, this fake one is even better.

Happy Shopping! For yourself or maybe just tell your husband “hey, look at this gift guide! Isn’t it so cool?” and then send it to him later in an email. 😉

What’s your favorite item? Or itemS?



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Initially I wasn’t going to do a gift guide/wishlist, mainly because my husband and I decided that going forward Christmas in our home is going to be simple, about being together, being thankful and giving. Not about receiving.

We even set a house present rule: 1 Large present from Santa, 2 presents from Mom & Dad (one of course clothes, and the second something special).

We think this will be a great way to curb over spending during the holidays and keep the kiddos being thankful for the things they receive and already have. I’m really big on handmade gifts, and this year will be heavy on the handmade gifts. I thought I’d put together a wish lists of sorts of things I want or wish I could buy  all handmade items. I also feel it’s really important to support the handmade and small business community, for many reasons but really most importantly they have the best things.

I created 5 lists, one for every family member and an additional one for housewares (because these might make great gifts for extended family and friends).

Today’s list is a wish list for Kingston, or your own little boy (some of these items might also be great for a little girl). 1.Fantastic Fox Tee (KLT WORKS $24) : King loves animals and currently the Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of his favorites.

2.Striped funnel neck shirt (JACKSPART $35) : It’s stylish and cozy, I can think of so many fun ways to style this and King would love the neck to hide in.

3. Charcoal Logo Tee (PEG AND AWL $18): I just love the simple graphic on this tee, and really King loves all new clothes.

4.Custom Pencil Case (MONTCLAIR MADE $32) : Kingston loves to draw and write and what a great place to keep his crayons, also he’s obsessed with seeing his name in writing so he would love this case.

5.Raccoon Sweatshirt (b.childenswear $34) : Another animal on a shirt, King would love to wear a cute raccoon like Rodney around.

6.Reusable alphabet wall decals (POP AND LOLI $91) : These wall decals would look great and go great with our preschool homeschooling.

7.Little bean organic tee (LITTLE BEAN PRINTS $24) : It’s an adorable print and Kingston is so very interested in how everything works, the image of a growing plant would be a huge hit.

8.Kitty Bowling (KITTY BBLOVE $45) : He doesn’t particularity love kitties, but this bowling set is adorable. Also Cute Kitty pins are less likely to be used as weapons. 😉

9.Wooly Mammoth Hat (SIMPLY SARI $20) : Will keep him warm and extra cute!

10. Robot with Secret Hide out(DESIGNLAB443 $40) : My boy loves ROBOTS, and a stuffie with a secret hide away! He would carry him everywhere.

Happy Shopping!! Which item is your favorite? Gift guides for the rest of the family are coming in the next couple days!



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It’s been way too long since I did a handmade round up post! I spent my Friday night on Etsy creating fall/winter wish lists, thought I’d share a few things I am drooling over, let you drool a little too!

1.Silk screened felt bow hair clip {little clouds $14}

2.Caramel suede moccasins {Gracious May $53}

3.Bright wave colored blocked tee {boys n girls $18}

4.Funky braided jersey headband {thief and bandit kids $20}

5.Bombshell ear warmer (made for adults but I’d totally double knot it to fit Harlow) {susannahbean $22}

6.Patterned peter pan collar dress {vintage child:modern $78}

7.Reversible cape {Amelie Atticus $40}

8.Barrel cowl {The House of Hemp $28}

Happy Shopping and Happy Halloween!



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Since my little King’s birthday is creeping up real fast my Etsy browsing has been pretty boy centric. I still have no idea what we are going to buy the almost 3 year old, mostly because we want to keep the gifts very minimal this year down to just a couple very special things. Simple is always better and really the kids barely play with the toys they already have. So here are some of the things I have been eyeing, maybe your boys would like them too!

1. Hip elbow patch cardigan {bchildrenswear $30}

2. King’s castle building set {manzanita kids $110}

3. Easy clean up and fun hiding spot too {mod mom furniture $450}

4. Little pilot ready to fly cap {soil $35}

5. Big wheel tee {wren willow $22}

6. Let’s play playtent {jack rabbits spring $125}

7. Slouchie {splendid little knits $20}

8. Crayon robots {posh paper creations $5.75}

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Come by Early Mama today, the lovely Michelle asked me a few questions about being a young mom, a little Q&A.



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The Measure just launched their Fall 2011 collection and it is adorable! The collection follows the same Shakespearean theme as Spring, modern whimsical with a vintage twist. Looking for one of a kind cool handmade clothes for a little girl, then you definitely have to check out The Measure.



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