eating-alone A couple weeks ago, I had a hour of time to myself. King was at school, Chris was at work and Harlow was attending an hour long class. I was out in public, hungry and totally alone. I decided to go for a bite to eat, I didn’t realize until I sat down that it was in fact the first time I have ever eaten in a restaurant, alone. It was relaxing and enjoyable, heck I even ate the eggs while they were still hot! I realized how absolutely ridiculous it was that it took me having zero alone time (ZERO), to actually enjoy being alone. Before kids, I never in my hungriest would have sat down in an actual restaurant to eat, by myself. Of course, I took a quick photo to remember – it was a pretty memorable event for me, maybe silly. It made me think (and want to eat at more restaurants by myself) about other things I would never do, things that make me uncomfortable, things that would probably give me anxiety, and I started to make a list. Bacon and Eggs really made me think, I don’t want to be saying “I have never” to those other things on my list – and I decided I need to push myself to try things that are scary and are way outta my comfort zone (even though it’s super comfy around here). Now, NOT later. Bacon and Eggs, otherwise now known as the epiphany meal.

Have you ever eaten alone? Do you have a list of things that make you uncomfortable or scared, that you one day want to conquer?


  1. aeroche says

    This is so cute! I also would have been mortified to eat in a restaurant by myself. But my current, me-time deprived, mom self would love it.

    Also, I just found your instagram and love it

  2. Mary says

    I’ve only eaten alone a handful of times and it’s either been in an airport or when I’m craving something realllllly specific on a work lunch break. Even then, I make all the effort to appear to be engaged in something – whether that’s reading a book/newspaper or working on some printed out excel report. So strange to think about it. There’s nothing wrong with dining alone but it sure does feel awkward!

    • Heart and Habit says

      It’s true, I really only went as far as a food court alone before kids – doesn’t feel the same! This time it didn’t awkward this time at all (it totally would have before!), felt so luxurious! 🙂

  3. Kristin says

    When I was going through a stressful and very busy time at work, I would go out for lunch by myself just to make sure I left the office. I would take my book, go to the nearby diner and just enjoy the time to myself. Now I am trying to get a chance to go to a movie in a theatre by myself. That’s my next one 🙂

  4. Ammar says

    I just started reading your blog, and I really love it so far <3 I struggle with anxiety also, so it speaks wonders to me. Thanks, peace and love <3

  5. Allyson says

    I used to travel for work and have gone to some pretty amazing places around the globe alone, eaten at some pretty amazing places alone and seen some pretty amazing shows, concerts and films alone. It was intimidating at first but then I realized what a joy it is to really have only your own thoughts and opinions to consider – no one is tarnishing your experience. Now I am excited to have an afternoon to myself!

  6. says

    I used to eat alone in the food court at the malls I’ve worked at or in the food courts on college campus but that’s about it. I’m not opposed to eating alone, though. What I want to try and do is maybe go to the movies alone!

  7. says

    Beeing working 8hours per day and beeing a mama and a wife the rest of the time, lunch is the only time that i have for me so 5 days per weeks i eat alone in an amazing restaurant. that give me the chance to read a book, to dream a little or to observe things and people arround me and to see how we are all very different.


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