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This I ♥ Handmade is another Holiday Edition, this week it’s all about gifts for the boys. From baby to little man, stocking stuffer to the perfect gift this list has got something for every trendy little guy.

1. The perfect boys stuffed toys 2. Funky aviator hat

3. Super cool vest 4. Stuffed tool toys

5. Crayon Lego men     6. Denim skull shoes

7. The coolest playhouse 8. Cool bowtie tee with hidden mustache

9. Wooden space toys 10. The perfect train

11. Shark attack towel 12. Dad tattoo tee

13. Sheriff badge 14. Nun-chucks rattle

Happy Shopping!!

How is everyones holiday shopping going? Have you started, are you done?

We have bought, ummmm, maybe 2 things, and those 2 things are stocking stuffers for the kiddos. I’m a last minute holiday shopper, I like the pressure. That and I’m horrible at keeping serects and always want to give the gift as soon as I buy it. So just better all around to wait till I’m in a time crunch.



  1. michelle says

    he he!! that’s exactly what i am like!!! i am the worst at keeping secrets and as soon as i a buy a gift i get to excited i just can’t wait!! last minute is the only way to shop in my household!! 🙂


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