I heart handmade | Coral and Aqua

Two of my fav spring colors CORAL and AQUA, together or apart they are fresh and current. Today’s lovely handmade finds are all things coral and aqua for your kiddos.

1.Aqua jersey cloche {Teeny Bunny $28} 2.Coral and blue baby ballet slippers {Tilly Whistle $20}

3.Aqua crochet handmade dress {Little Star Clothing $49}  4.Coral fabric flower crown {Pretty Swell $26}

5.Coral striped roomper {Verse23 $26}  6.Aqua baby legwarmers {Urban Tot $8}

7.Aqua crochet bow headband {Tatted Toppers $5}  8.Coral girls party dress {Mauky Jo $38}

9.Coral baby bonnet {Sweet KM $23} 10.Aqua crochet loafers {Catherine Audoyer $18}

Happy Shopping!


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