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Her favorite thing about her dolls are the clothes (that was my fav too), changing them mostly and even sometimes drawing them. Over the past week, I snapped a bunch of photos of Harlow playing with her Barbies – and almost every playtime revolved around the little clothes. I shared a few of these on Instagram, so if you follow me there you might have seen a couple.
keeping things warm There is a Harlow in there somewhere! She tried to dress her Barbie warm, a baby sock for a hat and an astronaut suit as a snow suit stand in.

a budding fashion designer She picked all the clothes out and then asked for my help to lay them nicely, she then told me “I better get to work” – I think I’m starting to rub off on her a little.

I sent her to get ready for swimming, but instead found her dressing Barbie. Easily distracted is the name of this game.

I forgot to roll up the mat, so when she came home from school she got her Barbie’s all ready (but said she was fine to do it in jeans). And then she showed me all the moves she learned at school. I think there needs to be a real yoga Barbie, or maybe there is?

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