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I have big plans, hopes, dreams and wishes for 2013 – it’s looking bright for this blog, me personally, my little family and humanity.

For my little family, my husband and I have been working really hard at being debt free – 2013 should come with lighter shoulders and brighter less financially burdened smiles (even just a little).

Personally, after 8 months of a constant and steady moksha practice I feel more confident, relaxed (and slightly more anxiety free), and healthy then I ever have before – I am excited to start a new year on such a high physical and mental note. I also have hopes about beginning to work towards big career dreams (dreams about dreams), dreams I have had since I was pretty much a teen – I’m not sure I will get to the dream in 2013 but I have hopes of finally starting the process.

For this here blog, I have big ideas for Heart and Habit (a notebook full of big ideas, actually) – I hope to introduce a few new series and dive even deeper into our simple and real style/lifestyle posts.  Also on the blog note, we got word that WGSN (the world’s number one trend forecaster) named us one of The Top 10 Blogs for Kidswear Inspiration – see the whole diversely talented list here (such a great way for Heart & Habit to ring in the new year).

I also have big hopes and wishes for the world and humanity as a whole, 2013 has to be the year for change – 2012 is not leaving us full of hope, but it is only bright from here, it has to be.
The new year is looking bright, I actually can’t wait for the new – do you have big hopes and dreams for the new year?

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· December 21, 2012 · in Daily Dose,The Sweet & Simple Life


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