SMELLS-LIKE-SPRING1 Yesterday was glorious, the sun was out and it was actually a little warm. Not warm enough to lose our full winter get ups – but warm enough to be outside and walk and oh how we love to just walk. The sun felt spring like and the air sorta had a fresh spring smell to it – I don’t want to jinx anything but boy did it have me feeling hopeful. Our intentions for the day were to head down to Mini Mioche on Queen West (they have another store in the Distillery District) I was super eager to see the tee’s I designed with them in their actual store – of course I had planned to go there allll week, but the kids had other plans…as they always do. smells-like-spring2 smells-like-spring3 smells-like-spring5 smells-like-spring4 smells-like-spring7 smells-like-spring6 To say I was pretty excited to see our “Not So Basic, Little Basics” collaboration with Mini Mioche in the window display and at the front of the store is totally an understatement! Excited, honored, and extremely humbled. Seeing my logo on hangtags, labels and on display in the window – pretty darn awesome and as if the collab wasn’t awesome enough. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the tees, they are available online OR if you are in Toronto head to one of Mini Mioche’s stores! smells-like-spring8 smells-like-spring9 smells-like-springs10 We tried our darnedest to tire the kids out and keep them happy, because daylight savings time does not have a good track record with the kids and their sleep. Our plan really worked, but we also totally tired ourselves out in the process, which isn’t a bad thing. Its funny how the moment spring temps start to hit, we head outside – forgetting that we’ve sorta been locked away all winter and we need to build up our sunshine and fresh air stamina again! Hope you all had a great weekend also!


  1. Rebecca says

    We had the same Sunday!!

    Well, no. Not at all. I didn’t see MY logo in any display windows. :p But we did get out and enjoy some GLORIOUS sunshine. It was AMAZING!!

    Almost as amazing as those adorable little tees. 😉

  2. Paola says

    I’m so stoked for you Brandy! Congratulations girl!! I’m going to have to order the "Are we there yet" one, it’s my little ones favorite phrase now-a-days…even as he’s scooting to the corner bodega and back 😉

    • Heart and Habit says

      Thank you SO much Paola!! That phrase in on repeat over here too, maybe when they wear it they can just point to the tee rather then repeat it over and over and over and over…..

  3. says

    I also determine the season changes by the smell in the air. We’ve had pretty awesome weather in London this month (when do Londoners EVER get to say that!?!?) and we’re hoping that it stays for a while longer 🙂


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