January 2012

Coat: Zara  /  Sweater: H&M similar  /  Shirt: H&M similar   /  Pants: Only similar  /  Shoes: Zara (2011) similar  /  Diaper Bag: c/o Tribe Bags

GREAT OUTFIT for Taking the kids swimming!

Sunday we had a family swim day, always a great time and early bedtimes afterwards (win win!). It’s still all gross and wintery out, I’m over it, so I’m breaking out a few spring items to make it feel a bit more like spring (favorite flower oxfords and spring sweater). I like to wear layers on family swim days (and almost everyday), since I’m always so much colder afterwards. Also I like a long button down shirt to wear while I change/chase a little toddler around the change room, cause you know it’s so fun to run away when Mom is half changed.


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tee . cardigan . sweater

Cropped tops are making a splash for little girls this spring/summer, but as a layering piece. These sorta crop tops that are cut at waist level should always be worn over a longer top (maybe a tank for summer), a dress, romper or a onesie. Layering is always fun, a great way to transition into spring clothes when the mornings are a bit chilly, and these tops are perfect to add something extra (even a bit of warmth) to any look.

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sweater . fedora . sunnies . dark denim . combat boots . photo

Not an exact replica, but a pretty close mini version. A great laid back cool, mini Chris Colfer outfit!

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Last weekend, the boys had a Daddy-Kingston day (what a boys day is called around these parts). They went to Kensington Market: a neighborhood filled with vintage stores, hip little eateries, fruit markets and shops packed with cool things (one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city). They did regular old boy stuff like: eat cupcakes, shop vintage, and take photos of graffiti (you know the ushe). Of course they both had a blast (seriously any alone time that King gets with Daddy, is always totally awesome in his eyes), while Harlow and I did awesome stuff too like: get groceries, and craft supplies (just a bunch of regular party animals). That day King and Daddy had a boys only, cupcakes and vintage shopping day this is what Kingston wore….

Hat: GapKids  /  Coat: Zara (2010) similar and cooler /  Mittens: The Chldren’s Place  /  Jeans: Zara  /  Boots: GapKids

We have a photo of King when he was just a bit younger then Harlow is right now, standing in front of the same graffiti wall (the very last photo). I need to dig that puppy up and compare them, I bet his cheese smile is exactly the same in both! 🙂


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I blinked my eyes and January is just about over! We have a few Large or Small Ad spots open for February, if you have a blog, shop or little brand we’d love to have you, as I have some exciting things planned for February!

Below are the sizes we have spots open in, if you would like more info send me an email ([email protected]) for Baby Blackbird’s ad kit. email before January.29th.


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Archer, 2 Years Old, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hat:Peru / Sweater:Target / Pants:Guatemala

Olivia, 4 Years Old, Missouri USA

Dress: Crazy 8 / Leggings: The Childrens place / Boots: Stride Rite / Bow: Made by me


Submit a street style shot of your stylish little one, we’d love to feature them! Check here for the details.

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Harlow and King decided they really wanted to come to the mall with me, weird hey? Or at least that’s my side of the story, they won’t even remember the day enough to share their side. 😉 We made a quick run to the mall last Thursday, I had to make a few returns. I am a serial returner; we never try things on (who has time), and if I don’t love the item, it goes back. It’s sorta how shopping for me works, it’s tedious and annoying, but it works (and my husband and wallet like all the returns too).

That day the kids begged to go to the mall, this is what Harlow wore….

HARLOW : Hat:Zara Baby (2010) similar  /  Mustard Dress:American Apparel  /  Polka Dot Dress: H&M  /  Tights:BabyGap  /  Belt:Zara (came with a pair of pants)  /  Boots:ZaraBaby

Before we left the house, Harlow found this belt and keep saying “Hep me! Hep me! pweeesse!!” (help me please!), guess she thought her outfit needed it. Kingston wasn’t really feeling the mall so much that day (and even after all that begging 😉 ) so he was maxin’ and relaxin’ in the stroller while Harlow hammed it up.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today! We had a bit of an accident last night, Harlow hit her head really badly, thankfully she is just perfect and not hurt (other then a few scraps and bruises). So today I plan to just cuddle my two little people all-day and just be thankful for each and every moment.


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green coat . orange top . floral pants . black bag . turquoise shoes . photo via just jared

Mini Celebrity on a Monday? Since I took a day of silence to support SOPA, my posts are a bit behind. This week will have Mini Celebrity on Monday and a Friday. Hope that’s ok! 🙂

I LOVE this outfit Jessica Alba is wearing, it’s a bit crazy and maybe way too far out there for most. But something that should really be way too crazy, works because of the right color combinations used. My version might be a bit toned down, probably just minus the green coat. I am lusting over those floral pants , basically my whole wish list just got shifted around, with a pair of floral pants like these at the top!

I think this outfit on a little girl is way too perfect, just so much fun. Kids can pull off anything, and this one is extra fantastic. I need to get Harlow those floral leggings!

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