January 2013

homeyoga2 Let’s talk working out with kids. It’s so easy and totally not hard at all, right!? Ha! Usually I sneak out, before anyone is awake or after the kids go to bed and head to the yoga studio (my me time). Lately, my husband has been working so much sneaking out is really only possible 1 or maybe 2 days a week if I’m lucky. SO I try my best to make do with time and make a workout happen even with the supreme lack of alone time. I took this picture this morning (I had to capture it), this is me trying to sneak in a yoga practice – it’s cute, but otherwise not very effective.  The only way I’m ever able to fit in a sorta decent work-out at home is to:

Hand out breakfast (oatmeal, a safe breakfast) run to the kids room and rush through a practice . Wait till King is at school and include Harlow, at home or maybe out for a run (but boy do I dislike and stink at running) . Wake up before everyone and tip-toe through a silent workout (tip toeing is really counter productive when you are trying to break a sweat) . During naptime or after bedtime (I am not very good at the evening workouts).

So working-out at home (with kids) how do you do it? Your tips, I need them!


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LINDSEY from OT AND ET WOULD WEAR: 01.Cardigan  02.Socks  03.Tank Top  04.Shoes  05.Jeans

TO READ IN THE PARK: image luxury and opulence

SHE WOULD USE: 06.Sunglasses  07.Book  08.Blanket  09.Bag  10.Nail Polish

For my fantasy MOM TIME OUT I would arrange for my kids’ Nanas and Papas to take them for the entire day – lord knows they would bring them home pumped full of sugar and un-napped, but everyone would be safe and sound and smiling so why not? And since it’s a fantasy I would let my husband have the day to play video games and read about math in the bathtub while drinking Jubelale (to each their own!). And me? I am packing a picnic, a blanket, and a book and heading to the park to nap and read in the sun.

Thank you Lindsey! Be sure to check out her blog, she is hilariously real, and her kids ridiculously cute.


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enjoying THE EVERYDAY : 4/52 – Daily Sunrise (the only way to properly capture our everyday view of the sun rising)


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HAT:Gap (2011) -COAT:Gap (hand-me down) – SHIRT:H&M – TOP:Gap (last spring) similar – JEANS:Gap – BOOTS:Zara

It seems we have crossed through another dangerous stage in toddler and preschooler land, and yes I am fully aware I am totally jinxing it by even murmuring a word out loud. It seems the really “pull your hair out”, “OMG, who’s kid ARE you” stages come in waves, BIG rocky crashing waves – but when the waves subside (even for a bit) man, everything is just SO wonderful. In the past week, 4 and 2.5 years old have super bright. I’m trying my best to soak up all these happy and predictable moments because I know 2.5 too quickly turns into 3 (and WOAH Mama is 3 one big GIANT crashing unpredictable wave) and maybe as we get more into 4 the real Flipping Fours will start (maybe not?). But for now, these bright days filled with steady water are so heart warming and amazing – they will help get be through rough stages that possibly probably (ah, who am I kidding) ARE lying ahead in toddler and preschooler land.


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On Saturday I was the teller of stories, a real cute story about Peter Rabbit – not made up ones, I’m really not good at telling that kind. I was invited to go in store at a Baby Gap location in Toronto, and read the newest Peter Rabbit book to kids – to help launch the cute Peter Rabbit collection. We went, I read, they played, we ate some treats, we met a bunch of cute kids, and they got scared of the life sized Peter Rabbit. All in all it was a really great day, I am extremely honored that the sweet people at Gap Canada invited me to be a part of this day and so very happy to be able to do it all with my sidekicks.



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kids street style, kids style, fashion for kids, kidswear

Maxwell, 15 Months Old, Washiongton DC USA

Shirt:Ralph Lauren – Checked Shirt:Old Navy – Suspenders:Zara – Jeans:Levi’s – Shoes:Robeez


kids street style, kids style, fashion for kids, kidswear

Alessia, 19 Months Old, Romania

Coat:Zara – Tights:Next – Boots:Zara – Hat:The Gap


Submit a street style shot of your own stylish little oneCheck here for details.


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I’ve asked a few lovely ladies to share what they do (or dream of doing on the craziest of days) for some mom time. The lovely, talented and oh so sweet Katrina of Cali Katrina is sharing what she does for a Mom Time Out today.

CALI KATRINA WOULD WEAR: 01.Lounge Pants 02.Hair Bow 03.Cozy Sweater 05.Yarn Bag

TO CROCHET: images @calikatrina

SHE WOULD USE TO HER CROCHET TIME OUT: 06.Glasses 07.Crochet Needles 08.Tea Cup 09.Yarn Scissors 10.Cozy Blanket 11.Scented Candle 12.Yarn 13.Tea

I have two energy-loaded, talk a mile a minute, sweet bouncy boys. I love them and their happy energy, but crave quiet to recharge. My favorite thing to do at the end of the day is sit quietly and crochet. It’s such a calming activity, and at the same time allows my brain to function creatively. I cozy up in my favorite corner of the couch with a blanket, tea, yummy yarn, and all the quiet a nighttime, sleeping household brings.

Thank you Katrina! Be sure to check out her blog and Etsy shop (filled with adorable crochet items).


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Capturing the small EVERYDAY moments : 3/52 – Carrying my girl.


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