January 2014

bombshell natural eyebrows I am obsessed with eyebrows lately. Like if we are talking, i just might be looking at your eyebrows instead of your eyes – okay not really, but also maybe. I recently grew out my eyebrows, they weren’t thin or overly arched or anything like that (those chic styles don’t really suit my face, or so I assume). I just wanted to start from scratch, SO back to au-natural caterpillars I went (but not really). I have always been a natural makeup girl and the thick bombshell eyebrows seem to go with that. But at 30-something years old I don’t feel like I’ve quite grasped my full eyebrow potential. Like I just haven’t gotten the perfect natural bombshell eyebrow yet (I don’t know why, they feel like they should be named bombshell). I sound like I’m putting a ton of stock in those two small lines of hair that hover over eyes, but I did mention I was slightly obsessed lately (so there you go).

So I decided, it’s one of those things I need to seek a professional out for – it’s one of those things that no one really ever tells you to seek a professional about, like a bra fitting. But will probably be life changing, like a bra fitting. I have always been hesitant, mostly because I am not a fan of waxing eyebrows but that is for sure not the only option so basically I was making excuses (most likely my frugal nature was standing in my way). I have a feeling it’s going to be a big ahha moment, or so I hope (I’ll keep you posted).

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little girl and her cute outfit little girl and her cute outfit little girl and her cute outfit STRIPED SHIRT: American Apparel – SHIRT: H&M – JEANS: H&M – BOOTS: Zara

This morning, she stood against the wall explaining all the reasons why she didn’t want to go outside. Most were very valid; it’s too cold, I’m lazy….me too kiddo. But her strongest argument and the one I kept asking her more questions about (while I ran for the camera) “I don’t want to cover up my cute outfit”. What?! I snorted when I laughed (okay, in all honesty I do that a lot) but “outfit” where in all the heck did she even learn that word? So adorable, funny and probably just like me when I was her age (I confess). With a promise of a cookie and a good ol’ game of who can get dressed faster, I got her to put on her “cute” winter duds and we were off to freeze our butts off. She then proceeded to talk me into letting her wear her “cute outfit” to nap, I of course folded instantly just look at that smile.



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JANUARY #SAMESPOTCALENDAR Are you joining in on the #samespotcalendar this year? Take a photo in the same spot every month, just like I did last year. You can share on your blog or via instagram – don’t forget to use the hashtag #samespotcalender or share your URL in the comments section and link back.

*this is us wishing the snow was grass, the wind was warm and the sun was shining – oh January.


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weekend-winter-hibernation Last week was a little quiet on our corner of the internet, not that I feel I need to explain myself because I know you all understand how it goes. But it does come as a direct result of our weekends being stuck somewhere in between birthday parties, errands, activities and winter hibernation. No one tells you that when you have school aged kids, your weekends will at some point become this purgatory between birthday parties and either more birthday parties or activities. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that, it just takes some major head-space readjusting – and I am sorta in the middle of this readjustment. As soon as I get comfortable in a schedule and scenario, BAM it’s thrown all outta whack –  which is how life goes with little ones, they keep me on my tippy toes for which I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

Birthday parties, errands, activities and winter hibernation; none of these things go together very well, takes much more effort then expected to get them all to mesh. So while it snow storms outside again, I am running between groceries, laundry, cleaning, caring for a sick Harley (while I sniffle a way myself) and am working on some really really exciting big projects (my goodness it has and is so hard to keep these a secret). I had to drop the winter hibernation part, but so far it feels I have this newish scenario down like a pro – which means it’s only a matter of time before it shifts. This is me hoping that shift is spelt S-P-R-I-N-G because well, I am sure you know how I feel about Winter at this point there is no need to end this post on a debbie downer note.

*This is the only photo I was able to snap all weekend, us on-route. Saturday was for total hibernation and Sunday was for moving super duper slow then having a playdate with new friends – a good ol’ school weekend, which probably kicked me back on track.


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shopping rules 101 Last year I made a vow, that I would only buy items that were needed and avoid the wants as much as possible. My spending habits needed a reset, our budget needed a kick in the butt and I needed to jolt feelings of discontent far out of my mind.

I felt like I was stuck in this place were I thought I needed things, but really they were just things I wanted but told myself I had to have them. Those new boots needed to be in my closet, because I didn’t have a pair with buckles like that. In my head I was still working in fashion full time, even though I had technically left it to be home with the kids. It’s actually pretty exhausting, feeling like you constantly want or need some thing. Because the thing is, there is always going something – you make the purchase of that bag you’ve been coveting and instantly there is something else that fails at the top of your need/want list. It’s an exhausting, expensive cycle.

Since I wasn’t working full time, and Chris held the title for main breadwinner (still reigning title holder) – I needed to re-think our finances. I haven’t always been the best with money, and working in the fashion only made that worse. Before setting the NEED ONLY rule, I tried making a family budget and the list of items I thought needed to be on there (but were really just wants) was pretty long and made it so confusing. I wanted to learn to live below our means (I feel like living below your means, should be one of life’s golden rules), and always stay one step ahead – so that life would hopefully (eventually) would be a little less stressed out and a lot more simple and beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with wanting things, it’s impossible not to. But the thing is, when you are always wanting and wishing it has a tendency to breed discontentment inside of you. That feeling of constantly wishing and wanting, can put blinders on preventing you from seeing the amazing things that are in front of you. Discontentment, is a gross and ugly feeling – I have been there ( I can actually think of 4 really stand out times where this gross feeling had a pretty big stab at me) and I didn’t want it in my life anymore. Changing what I wanted and how I saw things, needed to happen.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping meal plan and list in hand, marking down each item and how much it cost as I put it in the cart (I’ve turned anal retentive with my grocery shopping). I realized how my entire outlook on shopping (even the basics) have changed, how I get a rush from hitting my grocery budget (as opposed to the rush of buying a ton of food we didn’t need, and often had to toss cause it was never eaten and was probably pretty unhealthy). I actually get a great feeling when I think there is something I want, only to find reasons why I don’t need it. It’s like I have conditioned myself to think the opposite way, instead of thinking of the reasons why I need to buy those boots (because they are just so cute) I think of the reasons why I don’t need them, and 99% of the time I walk away feeling better not buying them. It’s been a crazy shift and only recently have I seen the long term (and hopefully forever) effects my shopping rules have had….


  • when you are shopping, buy more timeless essentials and less trendy items. you want your closet to slowly be full of items that can be interchangeable when styled and don’t go out of style each season. trends are awesome and fun, and you can’t not take part so when possible buy the most wearable version of your favorite trend you don’t need to take part in every one.
    meal plan! buy what you need and maybe an extra easy fall back meal or two, for those nights you don’t want to cook – so instead of going out or ordering out, you have the fall backs to go to.


  • this has been my steadfast rule, since forever. if you are iffy about something, put it back. if you know you are going to think about it for weeks or months to come if you don’t buy it, then you should probably get it. sometimes, something is super awesome and you might love it on other people – but when you try it, you don’t love it on yourself…put it back.  eventually your closet will also be filled with things you love, and things will automatically be versatile and easily styled together.

TRY TO ONLY BUY ITEMS THAT FIT INTO BOTH RULES. but this isn’t always going to be possible, but if it is – major bonus.

We still dress stylishly, but more focused and our closets are full favorites (or are slowly getting there). We eat healthier, less junk also means smaller grocery bills. I use these rules when shopping for the kids and for Chris and I. When the kids need pants (or anything else), I don’t just buy whatever because they need them – I look and buy what we love (and need) so it will get the most wear and use. Instagram, Pinterest and blogs have a bad reputation for breeding discontent in people – but it’s all how you view the beautiful content, it’s not the contents fault (or the content creators) if it stirs those feels up. The only Joneses you need to keep up with are the ones you tell yourself too, so unless you know an awesome couple named The Jones you can probably get rid of them all together.

*an old picture from the Fall, and the weather looks dreamy in it!


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the winter blues I have no get up and go, I’m sleepy and dozy and my brain just doesn’t seem to be functioning at full capacity. I thought for a second that I was getting sick, until I realized that I have a bad case Seasonal Affective Disorder. Which is just the fancy was of saying I got the blues; the cold cold winter blues. The lack of sun and the extreme cold temperatures this winter (and today) have pushed me into singing the blues, much more the usual. Yesterday, Harley and I swam in the winter blues and totally embraced it. Today though, I’m determined to kick it in the butt and shove it out the door. I have things to do, people to see and dragging my feet has already gotten a little old.

  • VITAMIN D – I made a rookie mistake by not supplementing with vitamin D all winter long, I’m Canadian I should know better.
  • DAILY EXERCISE – for me it’s yoga and I find the key during these extra bluesy months is not missing even one day – the day I decide not to practice will always be the day I feel at my worst.  A daily sweat and punch of endorphins are the icing on the cake to a daily exercise regime, in grey times like these.
  • COMFORT FOOD – but in a healthy form (since heavy unhealthy comfort food, might make you feel worse) sometimes giving into a craving and making yourself feel comforted in the short term might actually have a longer effect.
  • BREAK THE SILENCE – during the winter we seem to be home more; silence is nice, relaxing and usually so welcomed. But sometimes it can add to the bluesy mood, in a not so great way – turning on some music can do wonders for changing the mood.
  • TAKE IT IN – in the summer we tend to be more active, always out and about soaking up the outdoors. The winter is the time to take in all those slower activities you might not have time for in the summer – and remind yourself to enjoy it while it lasts. Grab a book, have a bath, knit a scarf (maybe knit me one too) – come summer these things might not sounds as enjoyable.
  • CHEER UP SOMEONE – do something nice for someone else, do something to help break someone elses winter blues – their smile might just lighten your clouds too.
  • GET OUTSIDE – even for a second and especially when the sun is out. Sometimes I’ll find a reason to go to the store, even on the coldest days – just so we can get some fresh air and some sun on our faces, even if it also means my face is frozen.
  • STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER – however draining florescent lights can be, I’m pretty sure the computer/ipad/phone are much worse. If you are already in the whomp whomp mode, spending too much time on your electronics is only going to do the opposite of helping.
  • CLEAN HOUSE – a pre-spring cleaning; a sparkly, organized and fresh smelling home always does wonders for my mood. Though this trick is easier said then done, I know.

It is crawl back into bed cold today – but I bundled up and dragged my tired butt to yoga and then for a walk later with Harlow. I need to find that happy medium between giving into the crawling back into bed feelings and fighting them – yesterday I fully gave into them, so today was a good day to fight. Do you have any tips or things you like to do to fight the winter blues? And tell me, do people in warm temps get a taste of the winter blues?


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cold-911-davids-tea COLD 911 TEA – 911 for your cold, but in tea form. It’s soothing and super addicting and I swear it helps me feel better faster – even if it’s just in my head. When I don’t have a cold, it tastes a little strong but I think that’s a sign of how awesome it is.

hand-drawn-maps HOMEMADE MAP – We have somewhere to be, in a jiffy King will draw up a map – just so we don’t get lost. These little things are gems, not too sure how I would get anywhere without them.

jade-yoga-mat THE YOGA MAT OF YOGA MATS – my closest friend, gifted me this fine Jade Yoga Mat and boy do I feel silly that I practiced so long without her (it’s totally a her and she’s beautiful). It’s super duper grippy and with just the right amount of cushion, it’s improved my practice drastically – no more slipping and sliding.

sorel boots THE PERFECT WINTER BOOT – In my opinion, Sorel boots beat all others in the winter department hands down. And this style the 1964 Premium Leather, are my favorite (not too high, not too short and just the perfect width). This is my second pair in this style, my first pair broke and they replaced them with a brand spanking new pair – so their customer service is also top notch.

Tru-Self-organic-beauty-items ORGANIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS – I’m sorta a doofus when it comes to makeup (see also, I know nothing about it). But really love basic beauty items; like my lip stain, mascara, face wash, straight up vitamin E and coconut oil and now these products from TruSelf. So far I’ve only tried the Raw Honey Lip Gloss and the Raw Body Butter, but I’m hooked enough to try more items from the line. So gentle and perfect in my simple yet (mostly) chemical free beauty bag.

sol-republic-headphones THE HEADPHONES (AND THE HUSBAND) – Both fit perfectly on the list, but the husband is not for sale. These headphones are great, they are comfy in the ear and they don’t fall out (I have a big problem with headphones like this never staying put).  We hear they are great for running and I’ll report back when the weather gets a little nicer for this guy to start doing that again.

kleen-kanteen-bottle BEST FRIEND IN WATER BOTTLE FORM – For Christmas Chris bought me a new water bottle, my previous Kleen Kanteen was very well loved (super duper beat up). I carry this baby with me everywhere, the handle is my favorite, extra easy to open when I’m all sweaty from yoga and it’s just really pretty (plus it has the same wide mouth that makes cleaning super easy).


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yoga everyday I’m in the real true love phase, and I’m positive it’s an everlasting one. I’m creeping up on my yogaversary (I think that’s a thing) and after looking back at my attendance at the studio (just for fun) I realized my love for this practice speaks loud in numbers as well as in the way I feel. Never, even in my wildest dreams would I have thought that, I would be someone who enjoyed any form of a workout. Hitting the gym? Running? Workout videos? It looked like a smart and really cool idea, but nah it just wasn’t for me (I tried, and it was always really just a short term lust). Yoga though and mostly the really hot, sweaty kind (that heat and all the sweat adds a whole other level to the addiction for me, it’s hard to explain but I swear it’s more awesome then it sounds). Since my clicking point, I’m in deep love lusty love with yoga and there is no turning back. It’s an everyday practice, if I can’t make the studio I pull out the mat at any tiny quiet moment at home (but nothing quite compares to a studio class with an amazing teacher). I thank my best friend Ashleigh (she’s sorta like my lucky star) every time I get on the mat, for introducing me to this practice to begin with and for being there when I want to talk about it.

Have you started a new workout regimen for the New Year (or just recently)? Or do you do something daily that you are head over heels in love with (maybe yoga)? I also started doing T25 one day a week, because I realized (after huffing and puffing up my buildings stairs) that I need some cardio in my life – so far T25 is fitting in nicely, 25 min workouts are the jam.

  • Want to read more about my thoughts on how to make yoga part of your everyday, or just start practicing? Check out Let’s Talk Yoga.
  • Nervous about heading to a hot yoga class, I was too! Check out my nervous newbie guidelines.


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