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Well at least as close as this wingless gal is gonna get. I am working on arm balancing prep and strengthening my body before I push myself to fly, or hold myself above ground (but flying just sounds pretty snazzy). I’m not sure if inversions and arm balancing will be something that belongs in my daily practice, but it’s really fun to challenge myself and learn something new. It’s actually helping me to push past comfort zones and limits I set in my head in other aspects of life – realizing that in general if I prep, practice and try I can probably do it (the only real difference is, in yoga I need the safety and direction of a skilled instructor to do this).

I find as I grow and learn more about myself, many of the more advanced poses (though they look amazing, I mean just look at my pinterest board) don’t really leave me feeling as blissed or as (sigh) calm. I feel strong and flexible, but not as calm and centered (and anxiety released) – which is a great change for some days. So as fun and challenging as learning to hold myself above ground has been, it has also been helping me to learn where my practice lies and what I personally get out of and need from that practice.

It’s funny to me, as I get older most things I do (yoga most definitely included) echo back to everyday life; I’ll spare you the long metaphor I thought of for this (sometimes I learn my own lessons, just like a cheesey after school special) and just say that sometimes while reaching for the stars I realize how awesome things actually were before. And then I learn how I need to feel content while I’m reaching new goals.

PS. I got a new mat, my best friend gifted me this beautiful mat from Jade – it’s so grippy, firm, dense yet still cushion-y (technical terms only). highly recommended!

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· November 29, 2013 · in Daily,Yoga


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Melanie December 3, 2013 at 1:58 pm

Great job Brandy! I’m sure pretty soon we’ll see you fly 🙂


Heart and Habit December 3, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Thanks Mel, that is if I have the balls again to show you. 😉


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