LITTLE HER | 2014 gift guide 1.Swell Mini Bottle – 2.Little Fashion Designer Kit – 3.Dory Fantasmagory Book – 4.Slippers – 5.Goldie Box – 6.Easel – 7.Louise Loves Art Book – 8.My Magical Mermaid – mioche x Heart + Habit Baseball Dress – 10.Bath Time Doll – 11.Apron and Cooking Set

That’s a whole lot of gift guides, all neatly lined up in a row. I know and I’m nearing the end, hopefully they have been a little helpful while you do your own shopping. This one is for the little lady, ages 3-6 – this was actually my toughest gift guide to put together. Mostly because I’m clueless as to what to buy wee Harlow this year, when we ask her what she wants this year, she just says: “I don’t know, girl stuff!”, and I’m all like “but what is this ‘girl stuff’ you speak of!?” Of course without question, she wants something (anything!) Frozen related (probably an Elsa or Anna doll), but we all know that’s about as easy to track down as the gold at the end of the rainbow – so it’s on my list, maybe just not this (above) list.

These are a few of the things I’m eyeing and think would be a great gift for most any little lady – also like the LITTLE HIM list, many items are good for him or her (it’s just fun to separate). Also hey look, STOCKING STUFFERS.


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