LITTLE HIM | holiday 2014 gift guide 1.Star Wars Calendar – 2.Magic Set – 3.Perplexus (great to start with junior or original) – 4.Before You Grow Up Book – 5.Socks – 6.Simon Game – 7.Marble Maze – 8.Tic-Tac-Toe – 9.Mini Mioche x Heart + Habit Cowl Hoodie – 10.Baseball Pitcher – 11.The Book With No Pictures – 12.Over the Door Indoor Basketball Hoop – 13.Snap Circuit – 14.Chess Board

Mostly for the little guy in the 4-7 age group, since naturally that’s what I gravitate too. And when I say little HIM any of these things could also be great little her gifts, it’s just more fun to separate things – I know my kids both enjoy both classic him and her gifts. This is the list I’ll be pulling from for Kingston’s gifts, it’s a good thing he won’t be checking the blog anytime soon, or he’d be mighty confused when he got Santa laid his presents under the tree. More gift guides, still to come (you know, if you’re interested): LITTLE HER, HOST/HOSTESS, SECRET SANTA, HIM, YOGA (can’t leave it out), STOCKING STUFFERS, and maybe LITTLE THEM or FAMILY.


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