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One of our very favorite things to do is to just walk, well explore – sometimes it’s way more fun then going to the park (who’d a thunk?), I swear. Even though we live in the city and city views are pretty normal for the kids – they still oooooh and awwww at all the tall buildings, get crazy excited over statues and water features, rush hour surfing, taking the subway, running up and down ramps and swinging on railings, they basically turn the city into their own personal park. Pre King and Harley (which sometimes feels like a whole other lifetime ago), Chris and I would walk and walk all night and day when we had no plans – it’s pretty amazing to do the same thing post King and Harley but see everything through their sweet little eyes.

Clip: Zuzii – Coat:Zara (2011) similar – Sweater:H&M (2011) similar – Shirt:H&M (her brothers) – Pants:The Gap – Shoes:H&M – Bunny:Jellycat

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