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Last week felt like the start of summer and this week, the start of spring. Mother nature is totally playing games with our hearts (Backstreet boys stuck in your head now? Your welcome!).

The newest and most unsafe game Harlow likes to play is her version of tag. Which really isn’t tag at all, it’s more like: run way from who ever calls her name as fast as she can leaving a trail of giggles and squeals in her dust. King also finds this ‘game’ of tag pretty funny, it’s beyond cute and all but a 22 month old really has no concept of how dangerous it is to run away in public or around traffic! Heart attack city for Mom and Dad. Our plan of action has been teaching King (along with Harlow of course) how dangerous and unsafe this game of tag is, then it’s three against one giggly running away girl. She doesn’t stand a chance.:) (scroll down for an awesome giveaway)

This little swiss army like gadget my Mom gave Kingston has been his side kick on all our walks lately. There is a super scratched up magnifying glass that he loves to look into to search for bugs. Our daily walks have been: walk 4 steps, stop, look for bugs, walk 2 steps, stop….

Harlow  :  Tank:Bobo Choses c/o Little Vida  /  Shorts: ZaraBaby (summer 2011)  /  Socks: H&M  /  Shoes: ZaraBaby  /  Jacket: ZaraBaby (spring 2011) /  Sunnies: BabiesRUs

Kingston  :  Shirt:Stella McCartney c/o Little Vida  /  Pants: Zara (fall 2010)  /  Shoes: Old Navy


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These pictures are two weeks old (opps!!), King hasn’t actually worn his winter gear in 2 weeks, the weather here has been insanely amazing! We take a lot of pictures of the kids, sometimes it’s hard to keep up (I might just have to start posting more then 1 Little Style post a week).

Kingston is crazy silly just like his Dad, I love it! He has so much personality in  his little 3 year old body, I can only imagine how awesome he’s going to be when he’s a real full sized human.

Hat: GapKids  /  Coat:GapKids  /  Tee:Marvel  /  Shirt:Winners  /  Pants:ZaraKids  /  Shoes:ZaraKids

Now that King is 3, his vocabulary, understanding and imagination are in full bloom and so fantastic. The things that come out of his mouth make my jaw drop with: “holy crap that was so smart!” “That was adorable, but I hope no one heard cause that would be super embarrassing” or I just hold my breath cause I shouldn’t laugh but “holy sheet that was hilarious!“. Once we got past the really rough tantrum and coo-coo-crazy stage of age 3 (cause they literally go a little crazy somewhere between 3 and 4, no joke), it’s a pretty flipping amazing age!


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I think it’s safe to say Spring has finally arrived!! We woke to 16 degree weather (about 63F) on Sunday, to say it was glorious would be an understatement! We could not wait to shed our winter boots and coats and get the heck outdoors! We headed to the park (and so did the rest of the neighborhood, the place was bumpin!) but had a fun exploring family walk along the way.

KINGSTON:  Hat:H&M (2009)  /  Jacket:Zara (Fall 2011)  /  Hoodie:American Apparel  /  Jeans:H&M  /  Shoes:Zara (Spring 2011)    .   I can’t get over how grown up King looks in these pictures!

HARLOW:  Hat:Zara  /  Coat:Zara (spring 2011)  / Jeans:H&M  /  Shoes:Zara (with a bit of DIY)

Our family walks usually consist of a lot of rock collecting, games of hide-n-seek, running from a T-Rex (usually Harlow and I are the T-Rex), finding short cuts (or “secret ways” as King calls them), and King telling us he’s “sooooooo hungry” every time we pass a restaurant. What are the awesome little things you and your kiddos do on walks?

PS. I’m a little worried I might have just jinxed spring buy saying she has arrived, there is a huge possibility we will get one last giant snowfall as pay back for me throwing this word around.


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Harlow is all about wearing what she calls “a pretty” lately: hair clip, necklace, bracelet,  headband, even pig tails or a mini pony tail (so small you can barely call it a pony). It’s fascinating to see her starting to naturally gravitate towards “pretty” or classically girly things, because her brother was all “cars, trains and trucks” from the get go. Don’t get me wrong she is pretty obsessed with cars and trains too but she likes to wear something “pretty” while she plays with them, a little tom-boy in the making.

Coat: c/o Il Gufo   /   Tee: H&M   /   Shirt: Zara (2011)   /   Pants: c/o Polkadot What   /   Boots: Zara (2011)   /   Headband: Goody

These cool pants are actually tights. But since Harlow is so mini, the supposed to be ‘tight pants’, fight her more like loose trousers…for now.


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Our weekend was a pretty lazy one, Saturday we got all dressed to go on a nice family walk. Not even two minutes outside and Dad and Harlow were running back home for cover. The wind was fierce! King of course would not accept the fact that it was way too cold to be out exploring, so we compromised and I took him on a donut run (easily convinced to stay outside only for a short bit over a promise of a small donut hole of sugary goodness). Before we ‘attempted’ a family walk I was able to take a couple pictures of the kids while they played/got ready/procrastinated/ran away from me..

KINGSTON  :  Hat:GapKids  /  Shirt:Crewcuts similar  /  Pants:Zara (2011)  similar

HARLOW  :  Hat:Zara (2010)  /  Dress:Zara (actually her brothers shirt.) /  Slip:Zara (would make a cute dress and slip) /  Tights:Old Navy similar  /  Boots:BabyGap

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, hope it wasn’t too windy and maybe you got some donuts too!


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This chipped and worn dollarstore fireman hat has been all the rage in our house the past week. Harlow started wearing it around the house every morning saying “weeeee ooooooo weeeeee oooooo”, but since Harlow was having so much fun with it, King also (if one likes the other likes it even more) decided it was the “it” toy in the house. He even decided to wear it outdoors a for a few days, “this hat is perfect, I look handsome right?”. The answer was always a big giant YES, seriously I think the fireman hat makes this outfit what do you think?

Fireman Hat:Dollarama  /  Toque(so Canadian of me):Joe Fresh (2009)  /  Jacket:ZaraKids (2011) similar  /  Chambray Shirt:H&M 2011 similar  /  Tee:Crewcuts (2011) similar  /  Jeans:H&M  /  Shoes:Zara (2011) similar


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We are at the bookstore at least once a week, usually more. Mainly because  the kids love the train table and the giant toy section, but the books themselves are pretty cool too! Kingston begs on the daily to “play trains with boys” since his whole reason for wanting to go to Indigo is to play on the train table with other boys. Harlow, well she likes to shop, too walk around and look at everything. They could charge an entrance fee and we would still go at least once a week, seriously my kids are crazy about the book store.

Hat:BabyGap similar /  Denim Shirt:Zara (2010)  similar /  Tee:BabyGap similar  /  Dress:Perry Finalia  /  Tights:Old Navy  /  Boots:Zara similar

Harlow hanging out in the Mystery and True Crime section in her beautiful dress she got from her godparents on her first birthday, 8 months later it finally fits! She’s our petite little bunny.


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These two little people fill our entire world with love, they also have a unique ability to melt our hearts and drive us batty in the same instant (I know, you know exactly what I mean). Recently I have noticed they  sorta have their own little club (per say), full of inside jokes and little moments. These are just a few that happen on the regular as of late.

  • Harlow will put out her hand and King will just grab it and they will walk along, hand in hand.
  • If one of them gets a treat or a toy, they will promptly bring one to the other (most of the time, they do love to not share a lot too).
  • One of them will make a funny growling noise and they both begin growling and saying they are yions.
  • Neither really wants to do anything unless the other is doing it (sometimes this can get really frustrating for the one trying to convince the other).
  • Kingston has his eye on Harlow at all times, always worried about her hurting herself or protecting her from other people (mainly just from people looking at her…IDK, still trying to figure that one out).
  • And recently, they don’t want to separate even at bed time. So basically naptime and bedtime is maxing out the adorable scale.

At 3 years and 20 months, the bond these two have, is already beyond imaginable (if apart, Harlow will spend the entire time, saying “Kin-Kin where are you?”).

KINGSTON     Hat:Crewcuts similar  /  Coat:The Gap  /  Plaid Shirt:Zara (last spring) similar  /  Striped Shirt:H&M similar  /  Pants:Zara (last spring) similar  /  Boots:Sears

HARLOW     Hat:Zara (on sale for $7.90!)  /   Coat:Zara  /  Dress:Zara similar  /  Sweater:H&M  /  Tights:The Gap  /  Boots:Zara

These outfits are totally Zara overload (sorry bout that) currently we are near the end of our Fall/Winter clothes,  so only a small amount of items are still fitting, we are being extra creative (and get the most wear) with the items that still fit! Needing to make a few Spring shopping trips, but trying to hold out. I always worry the kids will have a big growth spurt and the things I bought won’t even end up fitting, anyone else hold out on buying due to worry of a giant growth spurt?

The THIS IS YOUR BOOK giveaway ends Friday!


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