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Last weekend, the boys had a Daddy-Kingston day (what a boys day is called around these parts). They went to Kensington Market: a neighborhood filled with vintage stores, hip little eateries, fruit markets and shops packed with cool things (one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city). They did regular old boy stuff like: eat cupcakes, shop vintage, and take photos of graffiti (you know the ushe). Of course they both had a blast (seriously any alone time that King gets with Daddy, is always totally awesome in his eyes), while Harlow and I did awesome stuff too like: get groceries, and craft supplies (just a bunch of regular party animals). That day King and Daddy had a boys only, cupcakes and vintage shopping day this is what Kingston wore….

Hat: GapKids  /  Coat: Zara (2010) similar and cooler /  Mittens: The Chldren’s Place  /  Jeans: Zara  /  Boots: GapKids

We have a photo of King when he was just a bit younger then Harlow is right now, standing in front of the same graffiti wall (the very last photo). I need to dig that puppy up and compare them, I bet his cheese smile is exactly the same in both! 🙂


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Harlow and King decided they really wanted to come to the mall with me, weird hey? Or at least that’s my side of the story, they won’t even remember the day enough to share their side. 😉 We made a quick run to the mall last Thursday, I had to make a few returns. I am a serial returner; we never try things on (who has time), and if I don’t love the item, it goes back. It’s sorta how shopping for me works, it’s tedious and annoying, but it works (and my husband and wallet like all the returns too).

That day the kids begged to go to the mall, this is what Harlow wore….

HARLOW : Hat:Zara Baby (2010) similar  /  Mustard Dress:American Apparel  /  Polka Dot Dress: H&M  /  Tights:BabyGap  /  Belt:Zara (came with a pair of pants)  /  Boots:ZaraBaby

Before we left the house, Harlow found this belt and keep saying “Hep me! Hep me! pweeesse!!” (help me please!), guess she thought her outfit needed it. Kingston wasn’t really feeling the mall so much that day (and even after all that begging 😉 ) so he was maxin’ and relaxin’ in the stroller while Harlow hammed it up.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today! We had a bit of an accident last night, Harlow hit her head really badly, thankfully she is just perfect and not hurt (other then a few scraps and bruises). So today I plan to just cuddle my two little people all-day and just be thankful for each and every moment.


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Last week and the beginning of this week, the kids’ and I have been sick (actually I seem to have caught something else again!). It first started with one kiddo, then she quickly shared her boogers and sneezes with Kingston and I, but that’s love right?

We didn’t make it outside much, due to one day or another one of us being unable to function properly, but we tried many times (we all got dressed then realized, nope back to the couch). We had a lot of cuddling on the couch moments (the best part of being sick) and laying around in the teepee. On Sunday we tried to get outside, got all dressed and everything but alas we were all just a bit too tired so we went to the teepee to read some books… KINGSTON:  Shirt:H&M  /  Sweater:Hand knit from Peru (gifted)  /  Jeans:H&M  /   Slippers:Hand made in Peru (gifted)

HARLOW:   Shirt:Zara Baby (2010)  /  Sweatshirt:H&M  /  Tights:BabyGap  /  Shoes:Zara Baby (with a DIY from Mom)

The kids’ are finally looking healthy, so hopefully I don’t share the love too much and give them whatever I seem to have. Cause I’m so over being cooped up indoors, and they are too!


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The other day between the city being on holidays and our extreme relaxing the kids’ and I ran a few errands,  and did a bit of window shopping. It’s been a little too chilly for trips to the park but King and Harlow are super happy to just be Out and About. Really no one wants to be outside when it’s cold out, not even little ones. This is what Kingston and Harlow wore on a cold little errand run/exploring trip…

Kingston   Hat:Burton / Coat:The Gap (2010) similar-ish /  Jeans:The Gap similar / Shoes:Zara

Harlow  Hat:Zara Baby (2010) similar /  Coat:Il Gufo / Pants:The Gap (2010) similar / Boots:Zara Baby

Today is pretty much the official end to the holiday season, 🙁 if you didn’t return to work yesterday today is sadly probably the day. I hope the day is an easy one, that holiday withdrawal can be a mean lady!


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A quick look back on the past year, all the kids’ outfit posts since the beginning of the year. Some cute and some a little funny. 🙂 I love these two so much, each day is better then the last! I cannot wait for 2012; new antics, new adventures, new pictures, more of these two sweeties and new outfits!And maybe a new feature or two. 😉

Happy New Year Everyone!


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We took the kids to see Santa a couple weeks ago, and just recently got our Santa picture back. The kids of course were scared out of their little minds of the guy who sneaks in your house at night to leave presents under the tree. I mean really he is a little scary, right? I tried my best to snap a few before we went out to meet the big scary man in the red coat…the kids weren’t really into pictures before we left either. We went to visit merry old Santa Claus and this is what the kids wore…

excuse some of the blurrish photos…my little’s were extra hard to capture this day, some of these were too adorable not to post.

Even before seeing Santa they were already done with photos. Grumpy from the start.

Kingston: Coat: GapKids from 2010 (similar)  /  Hat:GapKids  /  Cardigan:Mini Mioche  /  Shirt:H&M  /  Jeans:Zara  /  Shoes:Zara

Harlow: Coat: c/o Il Gufo  /  Hat:GapKids from 2010 (similar)  /  Top:ZaraBaby (a dress tucked in)  /  Undershirt:GapKids  /  Shorts:ZaraBaby  /  Tights:GapKids  /  Boots:ZaraBaby

The final photo; 1 out of 3 in tears, not so bad. King must have pulled that smile out of his hat or something because I didn’t see it the whole time we were there. Another crying Santa photo for the record books, honestly I sorta think they are even more special when there is a few tears, stories and laughs for when they get older.

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Harlow loves shooooes! Once on she never wants to take them off, many tears have shed over shoes being taken off. Even at bedtime, she will make us put her shoes back on over her footie pajamas. Lately shes super fascinated with trying to get any form of footwear on by her self. I know I’m in huge trouble once she learns this new trick, sure she will be wearing shoes in the bath and during the night too.

Coat:Zara Baby  /  Striped Sweater:Joe Fresh-handme down (similar but cuter)  /  Cardigan:Joe Fresh (past spring)  /  Jeans:Zara Baby (2010)  /  Socks:H&M  /  Boots:Zara Baby

She’s also extra curious about our shoes (mine and Dad’s mostly). When she is ready to go outside, she will dig in the front closet and pick out shoes for the rest of us. Most of the time they are not the shoes I personally wanted to wear, and when I put them back to grab a different pair-she will say “no mommy” and go back to get the ones she originally picked. Basically she’s a shoe monster, and she is 18 months old and already shoe obsessed. Aka we are in big trouble! 🙂

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These photos are from the beginning of Fall, when there was still a few leafs actually on the trees. I’m not sure how I could have missed posting them, they are full of so much cute. The kids’ laughing, holding hands walking to the park, they like to hold hands it’s one of those little things I love most in the world.

You know those little things? I have a list (that gets longer daily) of things that are so simple and tiny yet make my day wonderful more then anything large or expensive. These little smiles are also on that list. Harlow  .  Headband: Haute Tots /  Coat: Zara Baby King’s from 2009  /  Top: Baby Gap  /  Pants: Ada Ada  /  Boots: Zara Baby

Kingston  .  Coat: GapKids from 2010 (similar)   /  Jeans: H&M  /  Shoes: Zara Boy from spring

During fall anytime we were outside Harlow needed to have a leaf in her hand at all times,  scrabbling to find one but once in her hand-happy! Leaf in hand is another little thing on my happy list.




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