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I cannot tell you how many times in a day people ask if these two are twins. This question used to make me laugh out loud, it was often asked when a little baby Harlow was having lunch at the breast and a crazy toddler Kingston was running around – when the 20 month age gap between them seemed obviously large. Lately, as they both get a little older the age gap is starting to seem like less of a gap and more of a small separation. Tomorrow I will have a 2 year old and a 3.5 year old – they are far from twins but closer then ever and closer then I ever could have hoped or imagined.

King > Hat:H&M 2010 / Tee:Crewcuts 2011 (similar) / Shorts:Zara 2011 (similar) / Shoes:Tiny Toms

Harley > Cardigan:H&M / Romper:GapKids 2011 (similar) / Clogs:GapKids 2011 (similar)


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I’m probably jinxing things by putting it up on the blog, but that’s okay! One week away from her second birthday and Harlow is diaper free!! We introduced the potty not more then a week ago and she was all for it right away – a couple days (and a few potty misses) later she was making potty trips all on her own. I thought I would be a sobbing mess when this day came, Harlow being my last baby and all. But I am far too excited and proud of her to be sad, maybe the bitter-sweetness will follow soon. We are so very proud of our bunny, such a giant step for such a tiny little girl.

Hat:H&M (2008, hand-me down from King) / Jacket:Zara (2011) / Sweatshirt:H&M / Jeans:H&M / Shoes:Zara

EDIT: A lot of people have asked what my potty training trick is – I don’t think I have a trick per say, but here are the basic steps we took to train both King and Harley to use the potty.

  • Brought the potty into the main living area, this way it’s easier to run to and they don’t feel like they are missing out on anything.
  • First day we just “tested’ out the potty, trying to sit on in a few times and getting used to sitting on it and it being in the living room.
  • Next two days were naked days, we didn’t leave the house and no diapers were used. There were a lot of accidents, but also a lot of potty wins. With both my kids we found the accidents, and feeling the yucky feeling of being wet (in diapers they don’t really feel wet) really helped make them want to use the potty.
  • We gave a small treat after every successful pee and a bigger one after number two. And then phased out the treats.

*King took a lot longer then Harlow to train, he was close many times but then had a few potty strikes. Each time we just took a break for a few weeks and started from the top again.

Not sure if this method works for everyone, but it’s definitely what worked for both my kids. Happy potty training!!


Remember that super fun collaboration The Style Mentors and THEIT had going on? Jen, Melissa and I each designed our version of the IT camera bag – and had you all vote on which bag you loved most. Well, the votes are in and the winning bag has been received!! Check out which bag THEIT is producing for their end of year collection!!  Also, the winner of the winning bag (through the giveaway I was running here on my blog) is: Nitzalie from Peanut & Me (winner was chosen using, if the winner does not reply within 2 weeks of being contacted a new winner will be drawn).



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We have been stroller-less for about a week and a half (some wheel issues and we are waiting on new ones to arrive), at first I was super stressed about the thought of not having our trusty stroller for about 10-15 days. We spend the majority of our days outdoors – rain, snow or shine we are out and the stroller IS our “car”. This past stroller-less week and a half, has gone way WAY better then I could have imagined, having Harlow on my hip and King holding my hand for most of the day has made up for all the ease I thought the stroller brought. Sure it’s super nice to have a stroller to: pack toys, rain gear, snacks, extra clothes, to have a place for tired kiddos to sit, or have a public time-out in – but it has also been super nice not having the stroller to fall back on for all of those same reasons. I am still very excited to get our new wheels and have the trusty old stroller back on the road, but not having it has made me realize how little I NEED it and how much more lovely life is when it’s extra simple.

KING> Gingham Shirt: C/O Osh Kosh  /  Striped Top: H&M  /  Jeans:  Zara  /  Shoes: Toms

HARLEY> Headband: DIY  /  Tee: Mom and Me  /  Shorts: H&M  /  Socks: H&M  /  Shoes: Zara

These pictures are some of my all time favourites, I love being able to just follow these two around and be their personal paparazzi.

Voting for the next camera bag ends this Thursday, if you haven’t voted yet this week make sure you give your favourite bag an extra vote! Also don’t forget to enter to win which ever bag wins the race!


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This boy of mine – he keeps a smile on my face and a giggle in my voice. He is silly just like his Dad – the two of them are two peas in a super silly pod.

Jacket: Zara (2011) similar  /  Shirt: H&M 2011  /  Cardigan: C/O Mini Mioche  /  Trousers: C/O Little Vida  / Shoes: Zara 2011

The other day on Twitter, I asked the random question: Mama or Mommy? Harlow calls me Mommy, and to King I’m Momma –  I love them both! But the answers on Twitter were mostly Pro Mama, do you have a Mama/Mommy preference? And if so why?

The toys King is carrying are Momma and Daddy little figurines, both kids love to carry them around.


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One of the cutest little toddler tricks (in that giant bag of cute tricks all toddlers have), is the jump. I love watching them get SO into it – they get down really low, and they make a point of grunting as they BURST into the sky! Giant smiles and loud laughter as they “land”, they just cannot believe how much air they got! A good 99% of the time their feet never leave the ground, but we still cheer and tell them they just about touched the clouds they jumped so high! I love it!

Cardigan: H&M (2010)  .  Tee: C/O Osh Kosh  .  Jeans: C/O DownEast girl  .  Socks: H&M  .  Shoes: Converse  .  Necklace: DIY

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Please read the Mommyhood Memo’s original post to learn how you can help.


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kids fashion, kdis style Last week we attended the TIFF Kids Opening party, a gala event for kids! TIFF kids is an International film festival for the ages of 3-13, held in Toronto. There was pizza, cupcakes, hotdogs, magicians, digiPlaySpace, balloon animals, caricature artists, and mini red carpets, needless to say we all had a blast! The kids knew all day that we were going to see a special movie, as soon as we made our way downtown the thing they were most excited about was seeing Dad at work!

We saw only half of Disney’s Chimpanzee, but from what we saw it was pretty fantastic! Also if you are in Toronto, you MUST see at movie at TIFF; the popcorn was totally amazing, best popcorn I’ve ever had (I’m not a popcorn lover and I could not stop eating it).

kids fashion, kids style kids fashion, kids style kids fashion, kids style kids fashion, kids style kids fashion, kids style Kingston> Coat:Zara Kids (2011) similar   /   Tee: C/O Osh Kosh   /   Jeans:Zara Kids (2011)   /   Shoes:Zara Kids (2011) similar

Harlow> Coat:Baby Zara (2011) similar   /   Blouse:Baby Zara   /   Jeans:Baby Zara (2011) similar   /   Shoes:Gap Kids (2011)

Gap Kids had the cutest mini red carpet at the event, the kids of course had to strike a pose, or ten.

kids fashion, kids style


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kids fashion, kids style Our weather has been so flip floppy, from Summer temps to almost Fall like weather (thankfully mother nature has kept Winter out of the flip flop). Getting the kids dressed has been a bit difficult with the flip floppy weather, just as they get used to wearing no socks or coats, the next day is a bit chilly and we have to really work (and by work I mean negotiate, distract, and plead) at getting socks and a coat on them. Lately I have been letting them leave the house wearing what they want and I bring the back up coat, etc. Then once we hit the outdoors and they feel the chilly weather, they make the decision themselves and ask for the coat or socks (and I already have them on hand), win win and beats an hour of negotiating.

kids style kids style

kids fashion, kids style kids fashion, kids style KINGSTON> Tee: Zara (2011) / Jeans: Gap Kids / Shoes: Zara (2011) similar

HARLOW> Cardigan: Joe Fresh (2011) / Blouse: 3RingCircus (a baby dress we wear as a top now) / Pants: Zara / Shoes: Gap Kids (2011) / Sunnies: Babies R Us

That last photo kills me, it’s the perfect capture of the love between these two. The little love is overwhelming sometimes, I hold my heart and let our alot of big awwwwww’s through out the day.


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Some adult female in our house had a birthday a couple weeks ago, nooooo idea who that could be;). That same day also happened to be the last of our summer like burst of weather, all the days following have been proper spring temps (very whomp whomp after such hot days). We spent the entire birthday outside (which we usually do on super nice days), as a result of the fantastic heat all the fun the kids were totally zoned out by about mid-day. Kingston was sportin’ the ‘in the zone’ look real bad, but of course as every little one says “No way, I’m not tired” even though it’s totally obvious (even to strangers).

KINGSTON  Tee:Crewcuts / Jeans:Zara / Shoes:Zara / Watch:Lego (gift from our most lovely friends).

HARLOW Dress:The Childrens Place (hand-me down) / Shoes:The Gap (spring 2011)

In other adorable news, totally out of the blue Kingston looked at Harlow and said: “Your my blue eyed girl, I love my sister” (he then called me his “green eyed girl”). And then I gave them whatever they wanted for the rest of the day, because I could not say no to that much cute.


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