foam soap pump FOAM HAND SOAP

buy a foam soap pump, you can buy fancy ones at the store or use an old one that used to be filled with soap (probably have to buy it filled with soap for the first use). We use the same soap for our hand soap as we use in the shower (Dr. Bronners). Just fill up the hand soap pump with 1/4 soap 3/4 water and voila foam soap. Kids love it and you will never has to spend extra money on hand soap again.

set ife alarms SET LIFE ALARMS

Running the household, taking care of the kids full time, freelancing, and blogging. I’d be big giant liar if I told you that I’m relaxed all day and I never forget a thing. Usually I’m worried I’m forgetting something or someone. To help avoid these feeling and to set my nerves (a little more) at ease, I schedule everything in my iPhone calendar (literally everything) and I set alarms throughout the day. It’s too easy to be out on a errand run, and what feels like 20 mins passes by but it actually an hour – and then I’m running to make it for school pick up in time. Alarms and calendar alerts, are where it’s at.


Alone time, schmalone time..didn’t really work, but whatever. Make your workout time or your yoga practice  a fun family thing. Not always conducive for the best workout or practice, but you will have gotten some time in and your little will have had fun. On the days when I can’t make the studio, we otften practice together or side by side. Here, I’m following the Yogify app, while she watches Cosmic Kids Yoga – win win. There are several other great apps or websites that are great for a home yoga practice.

straight iron your shirt STRAIGHT IRON YOUR SHIRT

Wrinkled collar or maybe just shirt tail? I often just grab my straight iron and iron out a small wrinkle when I’m in a rush, and by when I mean probably always. It’s the quickest way to fix a little wrinkle without having to get fully undressed again.

Do you have any tips to make life a little easier? I might be back with a few more in a few weeks, if it’s easy. 😉


  1. aeroche says

    Schmalone time indeed! I’m all about multi-tasking the workouts too- my favorite is when I can coordinate a running buddy while pushing baby in the stroller 🙂

  2. Kim says

    Can i ask where you got your soap pump? it’s so cute! Also i recognized your kids on TV a few weeks ago in a fashion show, they were adorable!

    • Heart and Habit says

      It’s from Kitchen Stuff Plus, but I’m sure a Homesense type store might also have it! Haha! That’s so much, that was them – they LOVED every moment of it! Thank you!


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