make-believe1 make-believe2 Toys have been an after thought lately. Or they have found totally new imaginative uses for them. The majority of their time together these days has been spent with them making up games, stories and their very own fun. I often ask if I can play too, and I just can’t keep up and usually just end up watching in amazement. Spring break so far, has been so much fun and so very busy. But my favorite part by far has been all the time these two have gotten together and the amazing things they have come up with.

I caught them playing, Harlow was on the “phone” with the doctor because all Kingston’s babies were sick. It’s also lovely to hear the little scenarios that enter their play, another reminder that they are listening and watching to everything Chris and I do. I have started to (sneakily) take little videos of them as they play, because the laughter and the little conversations between them is something I definitely never want to forget.


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    My daughter is an only child and plays pretty well alone (she tends to kick us out of her little play scenarios!) and the story lines and things she says and creates up is mind-blowing sometimes! I just want to spend all day listening to her play.


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