March 2012

denim shirt . hair clip . overcoat . necklace . skinnies . studded loafers . photo

How cute would any little girl look in this cute Canadian tuxedo inspired by Amber Heard’s outfit? I really dig this outfit, super cute for mom and daughter. Happy Friday everyone!


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You know how hard it is to get a good picture of kids, lot’s of: “look at the camera”, “Look over there it’s a puppy”, “oh daddy tooted, hurry look at him!”, “quick look before I tickle you!”. But they have their own agenda, they want to move, talk, explore and just be (their kids). I was looking through some of the photos we took from the weekend, the ones that made me smile the most and were that perfect little snapshot of the wonderful Sunday we had, weren’t the ones when the kids finally acknowledged the camera. They were the ones between the shots that my husband snuck in, the pictures of me and the kids just being us. So even though we didn’t get a great photo of King and his little dimple and Harlow and her bright smile, I love these in-between moments of us even more then the ones we were shooting for.


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Elliot Henry , 2 Years Old, Green Bay WI from lovelies in my life
Shirt:H&M / Jeans:77 Kids / Boots:Thrifted /  Hat:Rainforest Cafe

Charles Steven, 2 Years Old, Philippines
Bow Tie: H&M / Vest: H&M / Jeans: Next / Shoes: OshKosh B’gosh


Submit a street style shot of your stylish little one, we’d love to feature them! Check here for details.

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Last week felt like the start of summer and this week, the start of spring. Mother nature is totally playing games with our hearts (Backstreet boys stuck in your head now? Your welcome!).

The newest and most unsafe game Harlow likes to play is her version of tag. Which really isn’t tag at all, it’s more like: run way from who ever calls her name as fast as she can leaving a trail of giggles and squeals in her dust. King also finds this ‘game’ of tag pretty funny, it’s beyond cute and all but a 22 month old really has no concept of how dangerous it is to run away in public or around traffic! Heart attack city for Mom and Dad. Our plan of action has been teaching King (along with Harlow of course) how dangerous and unsafe this game of tag is, then it’s three against one giggly running away girl. She doesn’t stand a chance.:) (scroll down for an awesome giveaway)

This little swiss army like gadget my Mom gave Kingston has been his side kick on all our walks lately. There is a super scratched up magnifying glass that he loves to look into to search for bugs. Our daily walks have been: walk 4 steps, stop, look for bugs, walk 2 steps, stop….

Harlow  :  Tank:Bobo Choses c/o Little Vida  /  Shorts: ZaraBaby (summer 2011)  /  Socks: H&M  /  Shoes: ZaraBaby  /  Jacket: ZaraBaby (spring 2011) /  Sunnies: BabiesRUs

Kingston  :  Shirt:Stella McCartney c/o Little Vida  /  Pants: Zara (fall 2010)  /  Shoes: Old Navy


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3 things my kids wear quite a lot, but can be difficult to find in stores. I’ve had many questions about; braces, knee-high socks and brother jeans (I call ‘boyfriend jeans’ brother jeans when they are for my little girl) I thought I’d share my tips on how to find and get the most wear out of them.

I love the braces that come with some little boys jeans, and was bummed every time King would grow out of a pair. Sewing 6 buttons on other pants he owns extends the life of the super cute braces. We buy trousers/jeans with braces from H&M, Zara and I have seen one pair at The Gap (a few months back).

I searched and searched for little girls or baby knee high socks and found nothing. So instead I bought Harlow socks a few sizes too large, and it worked like a charm! After a few months they fit like regular socks, huge bang for my buck! I buy most of Harlows socks from H&M.

Brother Jeans just sounds so much better when talking about the ‘boyfriend jean’ style for littles. Harlow is a skinny little thing, so most of the ‘skinny jeans’ I buy her that should fit, actually fit like loose brother jeans OR she wears a pair of her bro’s old jeans. Both ways ensure items we already own get double the wear/use. The best brother to skinny jeans I’ve bought have come from H&M.


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striped polo . moto jacket . chino trousers . boat shoes . photo (from details magazine)

I love this outfit! Mini Adam Scott may just be one of my favorite mini celebrity outfits (for little boys).

It’s grey rainy here, there is a pretty good chance there will be some puddle jumping and movie watching in our very near future. A nice end to a insanely hot (and totally out of the ordinary) week. Have a great Friday!

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It’s actually pretty rare when this little lady gets a moment alone, I forget that my kiddos may want or need some alone time. They really do get along so great and love each other to bits, it rarely even occurs to me that alone time would be helpful.  I mean, I need time alone, it’s not often that it happens but when it does (even 5 minutes) I feel totally recharged. I’m not sure why I never really thought that my kids might need the same little recharge every once in a while.

Once a week when Kingston is in a drop off class, Harlow and I have a couple hours to hang out just us girls. It’s lovely to just watch her when she’s alone, so happy to do everything herself, plays quietly and explores in silence (all with a peaceful smile). Other moms sometimes comment about how independent she is, she is pretty independent but in those couple hours when it’s just me and her; she soaks up the quiet time and the opportunity to do things alone.

Usually by the end of the first hour she is already looking for Kingston; “KE KE WHARE ARR OU!?”. She’s recharged and missing her best friend like crazy, sometimes it’s a bit heartbreaking just how much she misses her older brother (attached at the hip these kiddos).


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Chase, 13 Months Old, Washington, DC
Hat: The Children’s Place / Shirt: Sovereign, Nordstrom / Jacket: The Children’s Place / Jeans: h&m / Shoes: Stride Rite

Jemma, 16 Months Old, Washington State from That Mama Gretchen
Vest:Baby Gap / Shirt Dress:Old Navy / Jeggings:Baby Gap / Boots:Target / Amber Teething Necklace:Etsy


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