May 2012

Since our little lady turned two last week, we planned to have a special day on Toronto Island to celebrate. We don’t really do birthday parties (this will change once school starts), we don’t have much family nearby and we really like having special “everything is about you” days instead. Saturday we took the ferry to the island – since it ended up being just us four we decided to make it a beach day instead of hitting the kiddo amusement park. Harlow really only cared about “sand and wa-wa”, so sand and water it was! Turned out to be the most perfect day, it was hot and humid with overcast skies – really perfect for the kids to run around in their cute little swimsuits.

Harlow’s swimsuit: C/O DownEast  –  King’s trunks:Zara 2010

(I am still in the market for a cute mom friendly suit for myself, the one I had my little heart set on was sold out before I could snatch one up)

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Mason, 7 Months Old, New York City

Hat:GapKids / Shirt:Splendid / Tee:Roudy Sprout / Belt:Gap Kids / Pants:H&M


Issac, 1 1/2 Years Old, Elk Grove California

Hat:Born to Love / Sunglasses:77 kids / Tee:Peek / Shorts:H&M / Sneakers:Vans


Submit a street style shot of your stylish little one, we’d love to feature them! Check here for details.


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Are you a morning person? I totally am (most of the time), and it’s becoming pretty obvious which of my kids is and IS NOT a morning person. Don’t get me wrong I don’t enjoy waking up at 6 am – but sleeping in isn’t really an option, so I go with it and find I’m at my most productive before lunch. Usually King and Harlow are both pretty gun-ho about the  mornings, they are the ones waking us at 6 am or earlier so it makes sense – but recently one of my littles has developed a case of the daily morning grumps. Last week, we went to run a  few errands in the early morning – I snapped a few pictures while we waited for the stores to open. Can you spot the kiddo with the case of the morning grumps?

There he is, with his “I’m grumpy” face – which means I just have to work extra hard to put a little giggle on that face. Thankfully I’m a morning person so I have some morning cheer to share.

KING> Shirt:H&M – Shorts: C/O OshKosh – Shoes:Toms

HARLOW> Shirt:Zara – Tank:Joe – Shorts: C/O OshKosh – Sandals:Joe


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Here’s a great giveaway with the adorable Shop Belle to start out your week! Shop Belle is a unique specialty boutique for fashion-forward children and their style conscious parents, family and friends. Stylishly outfitting both boys and girls from 6 months to 8 years old. Shop Belle is giving away a $75 gift certificate to one lucky Baby Blackbird reader to spend on their favorite little items from Shop Belle. To enter: visit Shop Belle have a look around then come back here, and leave a comment telling me what you would chose if you won!  Giveaway is open to North American residents only, and is open till Friday June. 1st.

Good Luck!!

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sunglasses . floral top . suspenders . denim skirt . clogs  .  image

Chloe Sevigny’s style is usually pretty fantastic, this outfit is simply perfect in my books – and I’m in love with it in Mini form.

Happy Friday, and happy long weekend to you American folks – the rest of us will enjoy our 2 day weekend with only a tiny bit of jealously. 😉

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My kids really do love each other, a WHOLE lot – I swear! But they also fight, A LOT – sometimes I swear a lot about that in my head. The pictures I take and posts I write about them: getting along, holding hands, hugging, napping together, and being best buds really is how the majority of their time together goes. But don’t be fooled – there is a lot of arguing, antagonizing, grumpy moods, even some hitting or pushing here or there. You can’t have real love without a little argument here or there, I know I always take my bad mood out on the ones I love the most (sorry husband) – so sometimes I think of these frustrating fights (probably more frustrating for me then them) between my kids as the real love moments. They aren’t lovey dovey moments, but without them I don’t think the hugs, “I love you sister”, and playing nice together that comes after would be filled with as much love (like the ones above). These moments of ‘real’ sibling love are not as easy to capture and share, since snapping pictures of an argument is hard to do while I’m mediating it, or handing out time outs – but they do happen, I swear!


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Two years ago today your Dad and I got to meet your sweet little face for the very first time – you have made our worlds so much brighter and sweeter since your arrival. We couldn’t be more proud of the little girl you are growing up to be, never have I met a little girl as sweet, kind, funny and easy going as you. Happy Birthday little Harlow Bunny!!

Romper: C/O Little Vida (Stella McCartney) similar  /  Shoes: GapKids 2011


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I cannot tell you how many times in a day people ask if these two are twins. This question used to make me laugh out loud, it was often asked when a little baby Harlow was having lunch at the breast and a crazy toddler Kingston was running around – when the 20 month age gap between them seemed obviously large. Lately, as they both get a little older the age gap is starting to seem like less of a gap and more of a small separation. Tomorrow I will have a 2 year old and a 3.5 year old – they are far from twins but closer then ever and closer then I ever could have hoped or imagined.

King > Hat:H&M 2010 / Tee:Crewcuts 2011 (similar) / Shorts:Zara 2011 (similar) / Shoes:Tiny Toms

Harley > Cardigan:H&M / Romper:GapKids 2011 (similar) / Clogs:GapKids 2011 (similar)


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