He’s five, a whole flipping hand old. Last night I looked at him and couldn’t believe that 5 amazing years have flew by so quickly. I have loved every single lovely and rough moment (looking back I always love even those moments we struggled) of his 5 years of life so much. And I am (bitter-sweetly) excited to see the big boy he’s going to become and even the young adult (probably in a blink of an eye) he will grow into. I am so proud of him everyday and love being with him, I love him because he is the best son I could ever dream of and simply he is one of the best people I have ever met in my life. I could spew on for days about what a fantastic little human he is, and I’m sure you would believe me. Half a decade with you my little King, I am beyond grateful to get to spend my days as your Mommy. Happy Birthday my dream boy!

Rainbow pancakes, loads of balloons in the morning and the same birthday crown every year, are just a few of our Birthday traditions. Simple but things I hold super dear and hope the kids will too.

And then came all the thoughts about time and how sweet and also what a b*tch she can be. I have been a Mom for 5 years, that alone is a crazy mind game. One of the most important days in my history, the day this boy made me a Mother. A day that feels like it happened only last year, actually happened 5 whole years ago! Then I looked around, looked down at my PJs they were leggings I bought just before I got pregnant with him and then continued to wear through both pregnancies – and now have migrated into my PJ drawer. I always just thought of them as being “my old leggings” that were maybe a year or so old – wrong. Most of my thoughts and memories feel like that, like it happened just the other week – but time is tricky like that or at least she’s always playing those tricks on me.

The other day someone called me a women, and I looked behind me. Me a woman? I still feel like a teenager, a teen Mom I guess – even though I know I’m not.  It’s weird and hard to explain, like somehow someone got my age wrong but also got it right. Time seems to be funny like that, as soon as life seems to get really really good (like when the kids started arriving) time just decided to put the pedal to the metal and totally screw with me. And then I wonder, is this how my Mom felt with me and my siblings growing up? Is this how you all feel? Time flies, but it also often feels like it’s standing still and then I get hit in the face (like today) with the fact that it has actually flown. I don’t know, today my mind is a rambling.

*last photo is a grab from my IG feed.


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mini Miranda Kerr, never fails the mini outfit is always cuter. Yesterday I laid the jinx down on myself – whining about how it’s not even cold, yet I’m cold. Well today, it’s FREEZING – my own fault, I should know better to NEVER talk about the weather.

mini Robert Pattinson

mini Robert Pattinson, kids style, kids fashion, boys style

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mini Robert Pattinson, a little more inspired rather then replica today.

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