Mom Style | Hurry, Spring!

Coat: Zara  /  Sweater: H&M similar  /  Shirt: H&M similar   /  Pants: Only similar  /  Shoes: Zara (2011) similar  /  Diaper Bag: c/o Tribe Bags

GREAT OUTFIT for Taking the kids swimming!

Sunday we had a family swim day, always a great time and early bedtimes afterwards (win win!). It’s still all gross and wintery out, I’m over it, so I’m breaking out a few spring items to make it feel a bit more like spring (favorite flower oxfords and spring sweater). I like to wear layers on family swim days (and almost everyday), since I’m always so much colder afterwards. Also I like a long button down shirt to wear while I change/chase a little toddler around the change room, cause you know it’s so fun to run away when Mom is half changed.



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