Mom Time Out

ANDREA FROM HI, SMALL WOULD WEAR: 01.Tee 02.Jeans 03.Shoes 04.Clutch

TO THE FLEA MARKET: image via Orlando Designs

SHE WOULD USE: 05.Tape Measure 06.Shopping Basket 07.Umbrella 08.Hand Sanitizer 09.Water Bottle

The lovely Andrea runs a sweet little etsy shop filled with curated goodies for little ones, she is a Momma to one of the sweetest little boys around, she shares he stunning photography (and adorable little family) on Hi, Small Blog and her Instagram account might be one of the most beautiful and happy feeds around (it’s a MUST follow).


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mama watters, its the little things, mom time out, mom break, adult time, mom style, cooking break AMANDA (aka Mama Watters) FROM IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS WOULD WEAR: 01.Glasses  02.Sweats  03.Apron  04.Slippers

TO CREATE DINNER RECIPES: image via @mamawatters

SHE WOULD USE: 05.Dutch Oven  06.Cookbook  07.Oven Mitt  08.Verjuice  09.Utensils  10.Salt Bowl  11.Mortar and Pestle

As a full time middle school English teacher and mama of one energetic tot, I jump at the opportunity for some mom time out.  Each and every night I find solace in our cozy little kitchen where my stress melts away with each turn of the wooden spoon.  The likelihood of cooking with no one (cough* cough* Stella) running through my legs is rare, but that doesn’t mean I can’t put on my apron and compile an array of random ingredients while backing up Ella Fitzgerald on Pandora, right?  For me, there has always been something so comforting about creating a meal for my family.  The stirring, the smelling, the savoring as I go…all of this is very cathartic for me.   It is a ritual that I look forward to before we sit down and share our days with one another.  Not only is cooking a way to get some precious me time, but also serves as an expression of love for my family.

Make sure you check out Amanda’s adorable blog, she has a serious talent with words and a super talent of making adorable babies!


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REBECCA FROM MANIC MAMA WOULD WEAR: 01.Lounge Pants  02.Henley  03.Slippers

TO READ IN BED: image via Middle Child Complex

SHE WOULD USE: 04.Middlesex  05.Throw  06.Tea  07.The Help  08.Pillow

Typically I only catch a few pages of my current read before I hit the pillow for the night, and maybe a few chapters while sitting out on my deck during warm summer evenings (all two months of them). I’m hoping to change that this year. There are few things greater than curling up in a comfy, cozy bed surrounded by fluffy pillows and warm blankets and diving into a great book – I need – and WANT – to make more time for this! Ideally, I’d like to read a book a month but I’ll settle for the half dozen or so titles stashed in my bedside table. I might have to set aside one day a week to make a delicious cup of tea (Chocolate Rocket from David’s Tea or a creamy cuppa chai), put on my comfiest clothes, climb into bed super early and get lost in great book.

Rebecca is the tell it like it is wordsmith over at Manic Mama. Honest story telling, mixed with a touch of sarcasm, sprinkled with cute photos of her boys is the name of her game, check her out.


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MURR FROM MRS.MURR WOULD WEAR: 01.Tee  02.Socks  03.Jeans

TO BAKE: image via Always With Butter

SHE WOULD USE:  04.Cutting Board  05.Apron  06.Mixer  07.Bundt Pan  08.Cookbook  09.Utensils  10.Measuring Bowls  11.Tea Towel

It’s not always easy finding some quiet time for myself with two little girls. Especially since I’m not too keen on venturing into the outdoors during these frigid months. I’ve always loved cooking and, especially, baking. It allows me to use a little creativity & explore new flavours & tastes, and has become a great way to relax and unwind. Plus, the whole family benefits from it! Unless I make something no one likes…

If you guys don’t already know Murr and you like really pretty people and things (really she is just all around awesome, and hence so is her blog), you best run over to check out her blog.


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LINDSEY from OT AND ET WOULD WEAR: 01.Cardigan  02.Socks  03.Tank Top  04.Shoes  05.Jeans

TO READ IN THE PARK: image luxury and opulence

SHE WOULD USE: 06.Sunglasses  07.Book  08.Blanket  09.Bag  10.Nail Polish

For my fantasy MOM TIME OUT I would arrange for my kids’ Nanas and Papas to take them for the entire day – lord knows they would bring them home pumped full of sugar and un-napped, but everyone would be safe and sound and smiling so why not? And since it’s a fantasy I would let my husband have the day to play video games and read about math in the bathtub while drinking Jubelale (to each their own!). And me? I am packing a picnic, a blanket, and a book and heading to the park to nap and read in the sun.

Thank you Lindsey! Be sure to check out her blog, she is hilariously real, and her kids ridiculously cute.


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I’ve asked a few lovely ladies to share what they do (or dream of doing on the craziest of days) for some mom time. The lovely, talented and oh so sweet Katrina of Cali Katrina is sharing what she does for a Mom Time Out today.

CALI KATRINA WOULD WEAR: 01.Lounge Pants 02.Hair Bow 03.Cozy Sweater 05.Yarn Bag

TO CROCHET: images @calikatrina

SHE WOULD USE TO HER CROCHET TIME OUT: 06.Glasses 07.Crochet Needles 08.Tea Cup 09.Yarn Scissors 10.Cozy Blanket 11.Scented Candle 12.Yarn 13.Tea

I have two energy-loaded, talk a mile a minute, sweet bouncy boys. I love them and their happy energy, but crave quiet to recharge. My favorite thing to do at the end of the day is sit quietly and crochet. It’s such a calming activity, and at the same time allows my brain to function creatively. I cozy up in my favorite corner of the couch with a blanket, tea, yummy yarn, and all the quiet a nighttime, sleeping household brings.

Thank you Katrina! Be sure to check out her blog and Etsy shop (filled with adorable crochet items).


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WHAT I WOULD WEAR: 01.Coat02.Sneakers03.Hoodie04.Tee05.Sweats06.Hair Tie

TO HOT YOGA: Image via Ingrid Damiani

WHAT I WOULD USE/WEAR FOR A CLASS: 07.Cropped Leggings08.Sports Bra09.Mat10.Towel11.Bottle

This is a new series you will probably see more of, but from the point of view of other awesome blogger Mama’s. I know taking time for yourself is not easy (or maybe sometimes impossible) but man it is awesome to catch a breather when you can – hopefully this new weekly series can inspire you to take some time for you, and maybe even put a smile on your face.

For my MOM TIME OUT, I set my alarm before 6am and sneak out in the dark to hit a Moksha class before everyone wakes up – or I just try to sneak it in when ever possible (sometimes after bedtime, when I’d much rather be going to bed). For me it’s the perfect mix of relaxing, alone time and physical activity.

This is generally what I would wear to a class; except usually it’s my t-shirt from the day before, whatever sweats or tights are (kinda) clean, and which ever shoes I can slip on in a flash (and quietly). And as for during class, this is pretty much it (sometimes it’s a tank like this not a sports bra, super exciting) but my goods are definitely not sparkly and new like these babies, mine range more in the 4-8 years old age group.

Also since we are on the topic of yoga clothes, I have been pining over this top and these pants, and this entire line of lounge/active wear for tooo long.

Come back next week to see what another MOM TIME OUT, from an awesome Mama contributor.


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