DENIM VEST (token denim piece) . HOODIE (the comfort layer, that also keeps you warm) . STRIPED PANTS (the jazz to your regularly mundane errands. bring the jazz hands if you dare)  . TEE (bring the spring , since it might not actually be feeling like it outside) . BOOTIES (dreamboat booties, also good for a lot of walking – or so I tell myself in my dreams) . HANDBAG (the two hands free, handbag. a pretty backpack).

Call me crazy on the pants, it’s okay I fully expect it – yes, these pants are a “90’s flashback” OR a “smack in the face with the 90’s” if you please. This pair to me is the perfect updated middle ground, wearable stripe – thicker then a pin stripe, but not pulled from an old 90’s hair band costume. You could go the super stripe route, the middle ground stripe (like I would), or subtle and simple stripe – or maybe you’re like “get a life Brandy, no way could I wear any of those” sub in a faded black skinny instead (cause that would be my sub in).

Errands are not the highlight of my week, or day (because it’s usually a daily task) – they aren’t dreadful but certainly not exciting. SO why not wear a comfortable outfit that is a bit exciting and really these pants were meant to be seen with human eyes, so wear them on a day when you actually leave the house (because we all have many days like that). Also pattern mix, because why not!



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