Mom Uniform : to the park on a summer day

I have been majorly failing at My Style posts/Our Style posts lately, we go through waves of photo stages – sometimes it’s pretty hard to get everyone in one spot (or me alone) for a photo and forcing photos is never fun (and it always shows). Also, to be honest my usual budget for buying myself some clothes has been going straight to the kids lately, don’t get me wrong I do not spend a lot on the kids clothes – but they grow ALL the time so need new clothes ALL the time. Unfortunately, I am not still growing (in the bigger picture this is a good thing) so my need for clothes is not very high (at all) – whoever needs most gets in our home. So, since I haven’t been shopping for myself (at all) style posts would be super BORING – I thought I’d make up for my lack of Mom Style posts and pop in now and again with a new Mom Uniform series. Basically this is a post where I show you my uber-casual-tomboy style through outfits I pretty much wear on a daily basis, most likely they will be filled with items that are currently on my “oh I wish!” list.

mom uniform: to the park on a hot summer day

SUNGLASSES (cheap and stylish, just the way I like sunnies)  /  TANK (i want in every color)  /  SHORTS (perfect comfy length for playing and not worrying about where you sit)  /  SHOES (feels like a sneaker. but doesn’t look like a sneaker)  /  BACKPACK (of my dreams)

I generally dress very simple and as I became a Mama to two kiddos a year and half apart; each piece has developed a certain purpose (as well as suiting my style needs). These Mom Uniform posts will show you WHY I wear (or would wear) each item, as well as the obvious stylish reasons.

Is there a certain event or outing you would like to see a specific Mom Uniform for?


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    I really still like wearing above the knee dresses during the hot Texas summers. Part of my mom uniform would include bike shorts/hotpants to wear under those in case wrangling a 2 year old causes any whoops moments 😉

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    Love this!! I would really love to see- what to wear for your toddlers birthday party! You have to look cute for pictures that will be taken to commemorate but you still have to run around after the tot, serve, pick up and a whole lot more. Love to see anything you would advise!

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    I really like these mom uniform posts! I agree with Diana – I want to see what you’d recommend for your toddler’s birthday party! I’d also love to see (and maybe there are some, I just started following) some posts on dressing for a larger/post-partum body. I’m used to short shorts and tank tops but my body just isn’t back there yet unfortunately.


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