This former fashion lover with probably 1 too many shoes, 4 too many pairs of jeans and lusty eyes over so many pretty new things has pretty much totally reformed. In reality, I have always been sorta a minimalist (well maybe more comparatively speaking), if I had a pair of dark denim jeans: I’d buy a lighter pair, or one pair of black shoes per season was enough for me – never buying items that were too similar. And I never replaced something unless it was time for the predecessor to hit the graveyard, but lately (the past year +) my minimalist but fashion loving ways have become the gold standard of minimalism. My dreams of the perfect torn pair of JBrand jeans (I do still dream about you) have shifted for dreams of a Zero debt balance (a debt that was magically crafted from student loans and life ups and downs)  – and man in my dream that number 0 will look so much better on me and my family then some item of clothing or thing to make my home pretty.

My strategy and shopping rules are pretty aggressive, I buy things for myself and husband on a NEED ONLY BASIS – this goes for clothing, household items and electronics. Actually this rule pretty much stands for the kids too – but they need things pretty much all the time, so they don’t really count in this strategy. My minimalist but full shoe closest is no more, it’s down to a few pairs (no longer a few of each style). I figure this is the best time for an aggressive, full on shopping freeze – I am not at work, so don’t have to keep up with the Beth’s and Mary’s (the fashion industry is the cherry on the staying on top of style cake) and I’m just in the right state to hold my breath and try to not care for as long as I need and put that money towards something more meaningful in the long run. I say try to not care because most of the time I don’t really care, but it is pretty crazy how simply LOVING what you are wearing can start your day out right (so I have my “ARRGH I hate everything” days) – but I will get back there and I will also love how that number zero looks on me. Even though I am only buying what I NEED, my old rule of ONLY BUY IF YOU LOVE stands – if I need something I wait till I have heart eyes before I purchase.

SO why am I telling you this? Well, my Mom Style outfit posts have pretty much halted and Family Style outfit posts have dwindled to a minimum and this is pretty much why – I may still pop in every now and then with a creatively crafted outfit that will be full of items you have seen me wear (basically my same real life style, just much less of it). The mom uniform posts and similar round ups will be around a lot, they are sorta like retail therapy for me right now. The kids will always have new clothes, since they are growing every other week and in need of snazzy new duds constantly – so Little Style posts will be as strong as always. So that’s it, me in my seasons past overalls, my shirt from high school, and boots from years ago – and a smile because for right now I am so okay with it.


  1. Beth Anne says

    I think your no shopping style is still better then mine! But this is really great, life is not about the "things".

  2. says

    We are the same! After becoming a mom, I’ve learned to put the halt on my clothes spending. I found that buying less and wearing what I already owned was a freeing feeling. Being a minimalist has been a blessing in disguise ; )

  3. lilianhayes says

    hello there! it’s been a while since i have checked in although even when i do, i don’t comment. anyway, this hit right at home. having worked in retail all my life i too had to keep up with the trends. constantly. it is only now, three years after not working since becoming a stay at home mom (hardest work ever) that i finally realized that i wear the same things often and that there is little that i actually need. so need, has beat want.
    you look great!

  4. says

    I feel the same. I was a full time student / stay at home mum when I started my personal style blog. I loved the extra creative outlet but there is no kidding myself that it put a bit of strain on my finances. I didn’t buy extravagantly but I did buy … and things I didn’t really need. When I left school a year ago, I found that my style DRASTICALLY changed. I tried to play the style blogger part for a while but soon realized that pencil skirts, not matter how cute and appropriate for school they are, are simply not appropriate for cleaning the house, running errands and being the mum of a 5 year old. It too me a full year to be okay with this conclusion. Now, I’m try to focus on what my "momiform" is and tailoring my closet to reflect that.

    • Heart and Habit says

      They are my favorite pants, from H&M last year – but I wouldn’t be shocked if they had something similar this year!


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