November 2011

Initially I wasn’t going to do a gift guide/wishlist, mainly because my husband and I decided that going forward Christmas in our home is going to be simple, about being together, being thankful and giving. Not about receiving.

We even set a house present rule: 1 Large present from Santa, 2 presents from Mom & Dad (one of course clothes, and the second something special).

We think this will be a great way to curb over spending during the holidays and keep the kiddos being thankful for the things they receive and already have. I’m really big on handmade gifts, and this year will be heavy on the handmade gifts. I thought I’d put together a wish lists of sorts of things I want or wish I could buy  all handmade items. I also feel it’s really important to support the handmade and small business community, for many reasons but really most importantly they have the best things.

I created 5 lists, one for every family member and an additional one for housewares (because these might make great gifts for extended family and friends).

Today’s list is a wish list for Kingston, or your own little boy (some of these items might also be great for a little girl). 1.Fantastic Fox Tee (KLT WORKS $24) : King loves animals and currently the Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of his favorites.

2.Striped funnel neck shirt (JACKSPART $35) : It’s stylish and cozy, I can think of so many fun ways to style this and King would love the neck to hide in.

3. Charcoal Logo Tee (PEG AND AWL $18): I just love the simple graphic on this tee, and really King loves all new clothes.

4.Custom Pencil Case (MONTCLAIR MADE $32) : Kingston loves to draw and write and what a great place to keep his crayons, also he’s obsessed with seeing his name in writing so he would love this case.

5.Raccoon Sweatshirt (b.childenswear $34) : Another animal on a shirt, King would love to wear a cute raccoon like Rodney around.

6.Reusable alphabet wall decals (POP AND LOLI $91) : These wall decals would look great and go great with our preschool homeschooling.

7.Little bean organic tee (LITTLE BEAN PRINTS $24) : It’s an adorable print and Kingston is so very interested in how everything works, the image of a growing plant would be a huge hit.

8.Kitty Bowling (KITTY BBLOVE $45) : He doesn’t particularity love kitties, but this bowling set is adorable. Also Cute Kitty pins are less likely to be used as weapons. 😉

9.Wooly Mammoth Hat (SIMPLY SARI $20) : Will keep him warm and extra cute!

10. Robot with Secret Hide out(DESIGNLAB443 $40) : My boy loves ROBOTS, and a stuffie with a secret hide away! He would carry him everywhere.

Happy Shopping!! Which item is your favorite? Gift guides for the rest of the family are coming in the next couple days!



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Mini Street Style number 55! Fifty-five weeks of stylish kiddos, and so many more to come!

Jackson, 14 Months Old, Staten Island USA from

Hat:American Apparel..Hoodie:American Apparel..Top:BabyGap…Pants:BabyGap…Shoes:Minnetonka

Evelyn and Flora, 2 and 1 Years Old, Las Vegas USA, from Urchin Knits

Evelyn: Top:Ada Ada…Skirt:Ada Ada…Tights:Ada Ada…Boots:Target

Flora: Hat:mom made…Top:Ada Ada…Leggings:Ada Ada…Shoes: Target


Submit a street style shot of your stylish little one, we’d love to feature them! Check here for the details.



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Harlow is all of 18 months old and her love affair with clothes has already started. On this particular morning she found a belt, brought it to me and asked “pweeessee!” as she proceeded showed me she wanted it on her waist. On a regular day she’s riffling through her shoe box bringing me “shoooees” and asking nicely for “help”. She is truly my little girl and just like her big brother (he loves the clothes too). Last Friday it was be-autiful outside so Harlow and I took full advantage and enjoyed the warm weather to crunch some of the last leaves of the season. This is what my little clothes lover wore…

She is such a loving and sweet little girl, the whole time we were playing in the leaves she was looking around, missing and calling for “KING!!”. It’s so amazing to watch the love and friendship between siblings, but of course they have their moments (boy do they ever) where I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘love’ or ‘friendship’..if you know what I mean.;)



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velvet . faux fur

This is not your classic penny loafer, more of a cross between the house slipper loafer and the penny loafer. It’s trending heavy for women right now and is slowly sneaking it’s way into the little girls section. I actually had a tough time find more then two styles to illustrate the style, but that’s how you know it’s a trend (not yet popular) so definitely a shoe style to keep your eye on for this year and next.


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She will look just like a casual mini Whitney Port in this outfit..

1.Zara boys faux leather 2.77 kids girls plaid shirt 3.Zara girls knit scarf 4.Zara girls suitcase handbag 5.GapKids mini skinnies 6.AllSaint kids combat boots . photo

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Have a great weekend!



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This is totally a reader requested feature (and some of you may request me to stop), and I keep saying “naw, no one wants to see me, the kids’ are the stylish and cute ones!” (because it’s the truth). I thought I’d give it a try then if it doesn’t work I can at least say “naw, it just didn’t fit”.  So every once in a while you might see a Mommy Style post pop in on our little corner of the internet.

I don’t have alot of opportunities to dress up, and honestly I’m a casual girl at heart anyways. Also since I have 2 kids, I don’t shop for myself as much as I would like (and I would like to ALOT) therefore I try to be creative and mix and match the things I own to create new outfits so I feel like I have new clothes. Basically my outfits are similar to the the kids’ since I restyle their stuff all the time too. I’m all about versatility and comfort while being stylish, so if the first two aren’t in the equation for an outfit, the outfit doesn’t make it out the door. Well okay I think that’s enough of a prologue.

Last weekend we went on a family walk and Chris snapped a few photos of me, we had intentions of taking photos for a family style post but no one was cooperating (mostly Dad). So this is what I wore, my mom uniform… Everything in this outfit is old, or shall I say loved. This jacket is one of my favorites, and I love when I get a chance to wear it. The jeans, I actually found in a bottom drawer with tags still on! My sis sent them as a gift during the summer months so I packed them away till the weather cooled was a happy day when I found them. My shoes I’ve had since Chris and I got married I bought them in NYC when we went for a visit after our nuptials, sadly I have no idea the brand (which stinks because they one of my all time favs).

  • Band Jacket: Zara (2009)
  • Tank: H&M (past summer) similar
  • Green Jeans: DC (gifted) similar
  • Shoes:  (2007) similar

So there we go, this is a feature that may pop in now and again I promise not that often!


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Mini Street Style is street style but only for the small fashionable people…

Lucia, 5 Months Old, Minnesota USA

Dress: Stella Grace…Headband: Moriah Makes

Josiah, 18 Months Old, Minnesota USA

Hat: Gymboree…Shirt: The Gap…Vest: Tea Collection…Jeans: The Gap…Shoes: Stride Rite

Submit a street style shot of your stylish little one, we’d love to feature them! Check here for the details, also check out the new button!


I realized I forgot to announce the winner of the Magpie Lovely giveaway, so here we go:

Congratulations Liz!! Please send me an email [email protected] with your information so we can make sure you get your $50 Gift Certificate asap! Thank you to Magpie Lovely for this lovely giveaway!




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I’m not sure how I missed this entire day of pictures, I should have posted these like 3 weeks ago (things are much less green, and much more yellow and dieing). On the day (3 weeks ago) I took these pictures; King was in one of his classes Daddy, Harley and I got to spend some time together alone (first time ever). Harlow didn’t want to let go of Chris’ hand, pretty hard to find anything more adorable then a little girl who loves her daddy this much. This is what Harlow wore… She’s holding so tight, Dad’s finger is turning pink! And the next one is my favorite…

I’m now missing early fall weather something fierce this day was so beautiful, and I don’t want winter to come!



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