November 2013

sales-and-stuff I made a list of the sales I wanted to browse through over this Black Friday – Cyber Monday, shopping-weekend- fiesta. Since there are a few things I know we need or will need for Christmas, aaand I’m pretty cheap so really like to buy everything on sale (all the time).  And since I am the sharing type, here is that list – in case you are also planning to do a little online browsing for a few things. My gift guides, I’m going to start posting those next week mixed in with my regular posts. I’m excited as I think they are pretty top notch – you’ll probably like them too, well only if you like nice things.

Get 40% off  with code: SHOPPING at Little Vida

Get 30% off all items at Nico Nico

Get 60% off using code: BLACKFRIDAY13 at Prefresh

Everything is on sale plus free shipping at Fawn Shoppe

Get 35% off everything in store at Muse Family

Get 50% off with code: BLKFRIDAY (40% off with code: CFRIDAY for at The Gap

Get Up to 50% off everything at Old Navy and Old Navy Canada

Get 30% off with code: HOLIDAY at J.Crew

Get 25% off with code: FEAST25 at Madewell

Save 30-50% off select items at Aritzia

Save up to 50% on new markdowns at Steven Alan

Get 20% off with code: GIMME20 at ASOS

Get Up to 50% off of select items at Zara

Get 25% off all camera bags (pre orders included) with code: BLACKFRIDAYLOVE25 at THEIT

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A while back, (spring of 2012 more specially) Jen, Melissa and I collaborated with THEIT – the maker of stylish camera bags. We each designed our version of the perfect camera bag, we even set up a voting page and then asked you vote on your favorite designs. After the votes were counted and the winner was hailed, THEIT set out to produce the bag of our dreams (and some of yours). After a few bumps in the road, I am super excited to say we have finally made it to the finish line. The winning bag, which we have coined THE LULA because it was designed by the super talented JEN from JENLOVESKEV (so darn excited that her beautiful bag was chosen) is available for pre order, today! dear baby, jen loves kev, theit bag collaboration, the lula camera bag, stylish camera bag, theit dear baby, jen loves kev, theit bag collaboration, the lula camera bag, stylish camera bag, theit

The Limited Edition Lula (that’s right limited time only!) comes in two colors: Coral and Chestnut. And is packed with the same sturdy awesomeness as THEIT’s popular The Bossi bag. dear baby, jen loves kev, theit bag collaboration, the lula camera bag, stylish camera bag, theit dear baby, jen loves kev, theit bag collaboration, the lula camera bag, stylish camera bag, theit

You can place your pre-order for the beautiful  limited edition The Lula bag starting at midnight tonight! And while you’re feeling clicky head over to JEN LOVES KEV and DEAR BABY to see how they styled their bags and to say a big congratulations and well done to both ladies!

Use Code: BLACKFRIDAYLOVE25 to get 25% off all THEIT bags starting this Friday till Monday December.2nd.

GIVEAWAY (closed): And just in case that wasn’t enough, THEIT would like to give one Heart + Habit reader their very own The Lula bag hot of the production line (shipping in early January). Leave a comment below telling me your favorite color (coral or chestnut) and you could be the very lucky winner of one of the very limited The Lula bags! *GIVEAWAY CLOSED – congratulations Marlene!*

photos are courtesy of Dear Baby and Jen Loves Kev. There were only two samples of the lovely The Lula bag, so they were kind enough to share.

*you must leave a comment below to enter, giveaway ends Wednesday. December 4th. The bag will be delivered to the winner by THEIT once the production is finished in early Januray. THEIT will be in contact with the winner directly, Heart + Habit does not handle shipping of giveaway items at anytime.


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Tis pretty much the season for holiday party invites or maybe a holiday night out with friends or a date with the main squeeze? Since I don’t work in a office anymore, and the husband’s work party is usually employees only – the holiday parties have sort of become non existent for me. This is very okay and instead I like to sometimes over dress for a night out / a night in with friends (or a date with my husband date) during the holiday season.

Two outfits I would wear (and really want to wear) to a holiday party / a holiday night out – of course filled with items that would become staples in my dream wardrobe afterwards (okay maybe not the heels, but I would try).

my style, holiday party attire, everyday style, uniform, tomboy style FAUX LEATHER DRESSLEOPARD COATMETAL CLUTCHEARRINGSKNIT GLOVESSLIT BOOTIESLION CUFF


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bookhou Bookhou is a collaborative project between a form and function artist and an image and pattern artist. With the use of natural materials they hand make beautiful bags, pouches, and textiles  – sold online and in their brick and mortar store in Toronto. Their items are beautifully crafted, in the most memorable yet simplistic designs. A great little shop to buy yourself something nice, or maybe snatch something for a good friend on Christmas.

ITEMS WE LOVE: carry all bag, tote bag, small storage, pocket pouch, day bag, textile calender, small storage bag.


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city kid on the street car riding the city transit tom boy style cute tom boy winter style HAT: Joe Fresh (hand-me down) – SHIRT: Zara (hand-me down) – COAT: The Gap (hand-me down) – TUNIC: PRSPR (was a dress) – LEGGINGS: Joe Fresh – SNEAKERS: Zara

Harlow lives in hand-me heaven, her current most favorite items have all been previously worn by someone she loves. They also happen to be some of my favorites as well, mostly because they come from her brother and it’s cute to see something create a whole new set of memories – but also because they cost me zero dollars and cents. Now if only hand-me down heaven was a place I could sign up to be a member of, because I would be all over that in a heart beat.

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sleeping tips, how to get some sleep, tips on how to sleep at night, diary of a non sleeper I think I should have a PhD in not sleeping, or at the very least an honorary degree. I often feel like I am the title holder of the worst sleeper in history. I am good at a lot of things (a jack of all trades if you please), and also very bad at others – but sleeping, well sleeping is that one thing I am the worst at, in life. Like my tone deaf singing sounds like like an angel serenading someone compared to how badly I stink at sleeping. But I feel like it’s something I can’t actually complain about, since I feel in order to complain you need to place blame, have a reason or have a semi decent story to tell — my usual story “UGHHH I was up all night just thinking about not sleeping, and thinking some more” sounds so beyond lame, though true. When my kids were newborns, the never sleeping made sense – like I was already prepared and seasoned for it – and I suddenly had my reason. I’ve been trying to find ways to reduce my waking hours for like ever, I’ve found a few (and I’m always still searching) but maybe some of my tricks will help you. READ THE FULL POST


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He came in the form of the Santa Claus parade, along with a bunch of marching bands and some fun advertisements…I mean floats. King kept asking me all day if the real Santa was going to be there, or if it would be one of those guys dressed up just pretending. I told him, I didn’t know and we’d have to wait and find out together. Those questions sometimes baffle me, I’m not sure how to answer – so I let him decide for him self and I play along. In the end he came to the conclusion that Santa was too busy making toys to be in the parade and he asked a friend to help – much better then my made up answer would have been. This was the best parade year for us, to date – it was super warm out, and the kids were just so excited about every little thing.

My personal favorite is always the bag pipes. Oh the bag pipes, I don’t know what it is but those things make me tear up pretty much every time I hear them – I usually have to hide my face so people don’t see me almost crying for literally no reason at all. The boys loved the marching bands, King was dancing to a drum beat for the rest of the day and Harlow loved the floats. The parade is always the beginning of Christmas excitement for us, we left smiling and went home to cuddle up and watch Elf (the first of many for the season). The perfect end to a weekend and the beginning of Christmas cheer!


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hands-to-heart forward-fold namaste When I first starting going to yoga classes, I could feel the impact of a single class for a week. I went pretty casually, usually I just didn’t have time or couldn’t find the time or I didn’t have the money – once a week, once a month sometimes even less. Until this one class a couple years ago, everything just clicked and it sorta felt like home – just call me cliche. Maybe it was the right season in my life, the right moment, or it clicked when I needed it most? I don’t know. But since that class, I instantly changed from going to yoga once in a while, to needing to practice every single day. My “not having the time” excuses fell away (circumstances changed around the same time as my mindset, fancy that one) practicing became a must. All the reasons why I said I couldn’t go before, became the reasons why I needed to go – and the excuses became reminders.

Before, the effects of going to that single class once in a while were so dominate as opposed to now, I seem to feel the effects of not practicing so much more. Don’t get me wrong I still feel totally blissed out, calm, open, stronger and just (sighhh) better after each practice and it carries throughout my day. But since those amazing feelings come with the daily routine of a regular practice (like that is how I am supposed to feel everyday) I can really feel when they are absent. It’s a funny, how something that was once pretty foreign and even a bit scary to me has become such an integral part of my day – that I can literally feel it in everything I do when it’s not there. Sorta like that caffeine headache I get when I don’t have my coffee, but less painful and less loud – something is just missing (I don’t know how to explain it) and I can feel the void in everything I do. Do you every get that feeling about something? I often wish I hit that routine button ages ago!

If you are looking for tips or info on staring to practice yoga, practicing at home, etc – you can find some here.

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