October 2012

Milo, 4 Years Old, Nottingham from Little Red Buttons

Shirt:H&M – Jeans:H&M – Boots:Aigle

Alessa, 15 Months Old, Mexico from you are my sunshine blog

Bikini:Janie & Jack –  Swimcap:Janie & Jack –  Sunglasses:Janie & Jack

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Usually when it comes to taking photos of my two little monsters it’s me chasing after them, me rolling around to catch their faces, crawling on my knees to get down to their level, singing and me making a total dancing fool of myself to get their attention. Sometimes, on the rare occasion my little monsters become little monster models – they see the camera come out and they instantly break out into adorable, hilarious and totally awesome poses.

Harlow was like a mini art director this day, she saw the camera come out ran a few meters back and started telling me: “weady mommy? I wun now” or “yook at hawoah dancey” and “I gonna give you kissys!”. The amount of cute and sweet personality that oozes out of her on a daily basis basically exploded into pictures, so be warned by the exploding cuteness that is to follow.

Sweater:Joe Fresh – Shorts:Zara (past summer) – Knee High Socks: C/O Osh Kosh – Boots:Zara


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moments to rememeber, spooky halloween decor reactions, siblings moments to rememeber, watching kids with family, family moments to rememeber, how cute the rain can be moments to rememeber, how they clean thier faces, helpful kids Just a few of the little moments that we recently had that I never want to forget.

PS. Hope everyone is staying safe from Hurricane Sandy, she is slowly making her way up to us and we should get the tail end of her by tomorrow. Thinking about you East Coasters that will get the grunt of her meanness.


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mini Robert Pattinson, kids style, kids fashion, boys style

shirt . jeans . beanie . sunnies . backpack . sneakers  .  image

mini Robert Pattinson, a little more inspired rather then replica today.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my weekly Hello Bee post:

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childs inner voice, business of making memories, simple things that matter I heard this quote a couple months ago and it has STUCK to my brain like glue:

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”

-> Peggy O’Mara

I heard the simple quote and was like “whoa, WHOA!”, I never actually thought that deeply about where my own inner voice came from and how we as parents are shaping our children’s. But it’s true, for better or worse it’s true and what a great thing to have stick to your brain like glue.

It also made me think how we, as parents have sooo many jobs (great amazing jobs) – but one of the simplest and best parts about our awesome parenting gig, is being the memory maker. We as parents are in the business of making memories: racing down a slide with your little one (don’t worry we are very very careful, I know there have been many posts written about the possible dangers of going down slides with kids), skipping instead of walking, a song you might humm often, a little saying only your family uses, a trip to the park, a family pajama dance session. All things that may seem so small at the time and like little moments that just fluttered by, but those small things are the things that become big memories later. I know that’s how it is for me, sometimes I think back and remember the car trip to a vacation rather then the vacation – not that the vacation it self wasn’t special but the small things we did as a family on the car trip just stuck like glue. Or how we had to wake up extra early to rush everyone to daycare before my Mom had to be at work, I’m sure stressful at the time but it puts a giant smile on my face now. Or how my Dad used to hold our hands and skip with such bounce and vigor, pretty sure as I got older I was crazy embarrassed by it, but now? All smiles. I am so thankful for the memories my parents made for me – and I am so excited and honored to be the maker (well one of the makers) of memories for my own kids.

childs inner voice, business of making memories, simple things that matter

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Lily James, 18 Months Old, Long Beach California from lily james was here.

Dress:Vintage – Leggings:The Gap – Boots:Payless

Zuri, 4 Months Old, Atlanta Georgia

Vest:BabyGap – Top:Old Navy – Bloomers:Thrifted – Tights:Old Navy – Turban:D.I.Y

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little girl handbag, girls handmade handbag, little girl style, little girl bag, kids style handbag DIY for kids

My girl loves to carry bags, just like Mommy but also she likes to carry a ton of little toys and collect little treasures along our walks. She has a a little shopping bag, a backpack but no mini handbag – so I figured I might as well make one! I used scrap denim from a pair of old jeans (one of the left over legs from a pair of her bros jeans from a denim>cut off DIY ) and some leather I had from a past project and then I totally hand stitched the whole thing. So if you have limited sewing machine skills this little baby is still doable! READ THE FULL POST


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Most days these two get along famously, but there are also a lot of days (moments) that they fight a little infamously. The times when they are getting along like sweet little angels, holding hands while talking and walking – they have this little song they sing. I’m not really sure where they learnt it, it actually sounds quite Rick Astley inspired – but I’m pretty sure they’ve never heard Rick Astley (unless their Dad is a closet fan). They sing “Together Forever”, over and over and over again, no real tune (it changes from day to day) but they swing their arms holding hands and giggle while they sing. It’s crazy darn cute, and one of those things I have recorded in my brain so much I find my sometimes self holding my husbands hand and singing it in my head.

KING> Touque: C/O Little Vida – Coat: C/O Little Vida – Shirt: C/O Osh Kosh – Sweatshirt: C/O American Apparel – Trousers: H&M – Shoes:Zara similar

HARLOW> Hair Clip: DIY – Coat:Zara (brother hand-me-down) similar – Shirt: C/O American Apparel – Suspenders:H&M – Jeans: C/O Osh Kosh – Sneakers:Converse


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