Online Sample Sales

I was going thru my personal email account last night, something I haven’t done in weeks. Opps!

I noticed that I missed a ton of really good online sample sales, and thought I should share some of these sites and invites with you.

I’m sure alot of you know, or are already members to alot of online sample sale sites. And if not, why not!? They are fantastic!! Once you become a member you get emails about the daily sales. Some times the prices are dirt cheap, I have found a bunch of items I was looking for and saved alot of money!

Since I live in Canada, I made a list with links/invites to the sample sale sites that ship to Canada, since there are very few. Join if you haven’t, and if you are already a member, Happy Shopping!!

Haute Look Ships to Canada. Sells items for Men, Women, Kids/Baby, Beauty and Home.

Beyond the Rack Ships to Canada. Sells items for Women, Men, home and sometimes Kids/Baby.

Billion Dollar Babes Ships to Canada. Sells items for mostly Women, but also sells Mens, Kids/Baby, home, etc.

LuxuryhutShips to Canada. Sells items for Women, Men, Kids/Baby and Home.

Ok, the the next couple site links, are for kids sample sale sites. Some of them don’t currently ship to Canada, but they say they are planning on doing so in the near future.

Zulily – Currently working on being able to ship to Canada. Kids/Baby items.

bTrendieCurrently working on being able to ship to Canada. Kids/Baby items.

TotsyCertain Items Ship to Canada, or will email to get items shipped to Canada. Kids/Baby items.

Eco Baby Buys Do not need to be a member to shop. But items and quantities are limited. Do not need to be a member to shop. But items and quantities are limited.

It’s a shame this list isn’t longer as there are TONS of online sample sale sites out there and are FANTASTIC, but they don’t ship to Canada. If you know if any more sites that do ship to Canada that I missed, please share the link/invite!




  1. Rebecca says

    I’ve bought from babysteals and wasn’t too impressed – not the greatest customer service.

    There have also been several times that I have opened the email as soon as I’ve gotten it, gone to buy immediately and they are completely sold out. Or, out of the 5 items in the email, they have one.

    Really a hit or miss with that one.

    • Brandy says

      I haven’t bought from them yet, thanks for the heads up! I have bought from Totsy, and use Haute Look, BDB all the time. Some of them you do have to be faster then lightning! 🙂

  2. says

    Normally I’m not all that fascinated or curious about this kind of thing, but your post has shown me the error of my ways. My thanks to you for taking the time out of your day to write about something like this.

  3. Rebecca says

    What were the shipping costs for Totsy? I’ve been looking at some of their stuff.

    I don’t know what the deal is with Babysteals/Kidsteals. Maybe I have a slow email server? Or they send out emails at different times? I went to buy some sneakers the other day – went to the sale the second I got the email and out of 5 styles they had one available and only in one size. Annoying!

    The items I did buy, when I finally got them, were exactly what I ordered and in perfect condition. I was happy in the end, but it was a bit of a pain.

    I still have to check out the rest!

    • Brandy says

      I actually don’t remember, I don’t think is was bad. But they don’t ship everything to Canada, just make sure before you get your heart set.
      I’m sure Babysteals items go so fast because it’s not an invite only site, so many more people shopping. The invite only sites are probably the way to go, it’s just too bad more of the kids only sites don’t ship to Canada.


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