Our favorite items (for the whole family), the items we think are The Bee’s Knees.

1.Rabbit & Raccoon Puppets – 2.Temporary Tattyoo‘s – 3.Go Fish – 4.Bowling Set – 5.Lego – 6.Snow Cone Maker – 7.Funny Faces – 8.This Moose Belongs To Be, Virgina Wolf, Mr And Mrs.Bunny – 9.Gone Fishing Game – 10.Marble Race – 11.Dominoes – 12.Mini Kitchen

For the most part we buy our two kids toys they can share and have fun enjoying together, rather then following the old two of everything rule. Sure there are always going to be those things that are just for one kiddo, and sometimes two of one thing just makes sense. But sharing really is caring and playing together is much more fun then playing alone – so here are some great gifts to buy for a family, or for your very own set of siblings.


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bees knees winter coats The Bees Knees | Kids Winter Coats

snow day chic (Zara $69.90 CAD)  .  timeless warmth (Little Fashion Gallery $127.00 USD)  .  snowball funky (Old Navy $39.94 USD) . rugged sport (Zara $69.90) . like dad (Crewcuts $178 USD) . pretty warm (Little Vida $210 USD) . timeless (Crewcuts $168 USD) . snow day cool (The Gap $49.95 USD) . classic (Zara $69.90 USD)

I had originally planned to do two of these posts, one for girls and one for boys – but after searching around (as usual) I didn’t really dig to many of the girls coats out there. So instead just combined all my favorite kids winter coats into one super warm stylish post.

Shopping for winter coats is tough, if you are “lucky” enough to experience winter you are probably stuck wearing a heavy coat for about 3-4 months out of the year.  Over the years I have developed my own personal (and very simple) criteria when shopping for winter coats (generally the same goes for when I’m buying coats for Chris and I):

  1. Warmth and this does not come cheap, and in our Canadian winters it is worth it to get a really warm coat and not have a sick kiddo all season long (or sick mom or dad).
  2. Timeless style, I need to be able to buy it large then hopefully (this plan will sometimes be foiled by giant growth spurts) they can wear it for more then one year (and possibly handed down to a sibling) – if it’s not timeless I can usually find something wrong with it the second year and find a reason to buy new again. King currently owns two winter coats that he has worn for the past 2 winters (this year will make 3), we got really lucky I think.

The above are my favorite kiddo winter jackets on the market, some are a bit out of my price range but you can bet your booty I will be keeping an eye on them and hopefully snatch one up come sale season. Some are great for everyday (mostly the Wool styles, which if really well made can be crazy warm), and some for play/everyday. Also on a side note, snow pants I always buy a great warm winter coat and usually skimp out on snow pants – quality is not too different between stores and they wear the pants way less so why spend more.

I think my favorites are the dusty pink pretty warm coat, just like dad and rugged sport – what about you, which is your favorite?


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boys graphics tee The Bees Knees | Boys Graphic Tees

I love me some good old basics on my boy; striped or plain tees, plaid or denim shirt, maybe even a polo on a rare (actually pretty rare, we just aren’t polo people I guess) occasion. I also love to buy him fun graphic tees because well, I still like to wear em’ (dressing like I’m still a teen is all the rage, if you want to still get carded at the liquor store) and they are fun – King also loves a good ‘silly’ tee. After almost 4 years (yup that boy of mine is ALMOST four) of buying tees for him I have developed a few favorite places to hunt them down. SO why not share my not so secret, hot spots for a good ol’ graphic tee that maybe mom or dad might wish they could wear themselves or wish they wore as a kiddo.

  • Crewcuts – The graphics are usually pretty rad, and the quality of these tees is awesome. The prices, well not so great…but hold off buying – their sales can be pretty good for the one or two tees you adore.
  • Threadless Kids – Usually pretty funny, and printed on American apparel tees. They have sales all the time sometimes as low as $5 a tee!
  • Zara – Lately they have some super awesome tees, the quality is not my favorite but the graphics make up for it. If you can wait for their end of season sale most likely you can get the tees you love at half price or less.
  • American Apparel – Not just basics, sometimes they have fun graphic tees. And this specific letter tee is one every kiddo just needs to own.
  • Little Vida – They carry the brands I always wished I could buy my kiddos, and for boys graphic tees thy have a pretty great selection (Scotch Shrunk, bobo choses, Stella McCartney). Right now most of their stuff is on sale, a great time to grab a super awesome tee.
  • 77kids – Fun, a little bit rocker, sometimes they have retro sports tees.

Also, not pictured because their sites didn’t show too much at the time: Gap Kids (awesome quality, always), Old Navy (some fun retro pop culture tees), Joe Fresh (they are killing it this fall season) and H&M (always a gem hidden in there).

What is your favorite place to buy boys graphic tees?


I wanted to thank you all for your amazing comments, emails and tweets about my post on Friday. Not sure why I was nervous to post it, but you all made me feel even better about what I do here – I even changed my about page a bit to reflect WHY I write about kids style in the way I do. Thank you all so very much! Also, because sometimes it’s fun to state the absolute obvious – I made some changes on the blog over the weekend, I still have a tiny few things left to do (and probably change up the header again) but what do you think?


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toddler PreK books The Bees Knees | Toddler & Pre K Books
Sometimes I like to Curl up in a Ball . Lost and Found . The Very Cranky Bear . I Want My Hat Back . I Love You Through and Through . Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book . The Smartest Giant In Town . Stuck . The Gruffalo . Room On The Broom . What The Ladybird Heard . Memoirs of a Goldfish

These are our current favourite kiddo books, the books the whole family thinks are The Bee’s Knees. We tend to get hooked on a author and buy all their books (I’m the same when it comes to books just for me), hence all the Julia Donaldson books. I find books that we all enjoy to read make the re-reading of the same story 5 times every-night/day not only okay, but fun – also finding books that don’t drive Mom or Dad totally batty is part of the job of a good kids book, in my option.

Our current book Wish List is full of even more Julia Donaldson books; what are your favourite Toddler/Pre-K books? What else should I be adding to our wishlist?


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easyonshoes The Bees Knees | Easy On Shoes for Boys
keep tied . velcro . velcro & slip on . slip on . elastic laces . hidden velcro

Lately the only shoes King ever wants to wear are his Toms, it took me a while to figure out it’s not just because they are just like Daddy’s but he can put them on all by himself: no laces, no pulling, pushing, no fighting! So it dawned on me, maybe I should be making sure all his shoes (especially as we inch closer to him attending school in September) are easy for him to slip on himself. That sense of accomplishment and independence when he’s able to pick our his own shoes and put them on all by himself is a fantastic thing to see.

So with that dawning though I decided to do a little round up of the easy to slip on shoes for boys that I think are, The Bee’s Knees. Of course these are also great for girls, but girls have a much easier time in the slip on shoe category with all the ballet flats, tuxedo loafers, etc.


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sunnies The Bees Knees | Sunglasses for Mom

Personally I don’t like to spend very much on one pair of sunglasses, like under $20 a pair at max. A few reasons: I like to have many different styles because I can never decide on just one, and I’m a klutz (in our house – those little accidents, 99% of them are caused by me). If I wasn’t such a klutz (seriously, I have no idea how my prescription glasses survive for so long) I would love to try a pair of sunnies from Bonlook – I’m too afraid to try because I know my track record with sunglasses. Since I have been hunting down a few new styles to add to my summer eye protection, I thought I’d share a few affordable sunglasses styles I think are, The Bee’s Knees.

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Mother’s Day – whether you were celebrating your own mother, celebrated by your children , or just using it as a day to relax. We had a wonderful day here, from start to finish it was just perfect – we didn’t take many photos, but the few we did take I will share later this week.

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beeskness toddler napsacks2 The Bees Knees | Toddler Backpacks
1. durable and classic cool $40 / 2. funky and simple $39 / 3. rainbow of colors $55 / 4. sturdy and stripey $48 / 5. classic cool $39 / 6.school bag style $24.95

Not that there is anything wrong with buying your kiddo a cute Hello Kitty knapsack, or a super cool Lightning McQueen backpack. It is just our personal taste to buy things for our kids that are a bit more basic and timeless, and to save the fun character stuff for what fill the inside of the bag (because you know these little backpacks will be jammed packed with toys). Also, I really like the idea of a blank slate, we can add patches and personalized embroidery depending on what each kiddo is into at the time (I know my kids have fleeting obsessions).  These more plain bags are well made and in it for the long haul (that’s why the prices are a tad bit higher), I know some of the fun character bags don’t last much longer then one school year.

So with ALL that being said, I have been on the hunt for backpacks for both Kingston and Harlow, something they can use to carry summer toys and maybe a special snack to the park (and then use for school come September) these are the 6 Backpacks for toddlers I think are The Bee’s Knees!

My personal favorite is number one, it’s durable and classic cool (I plan to buy each kiddo one and add fun patches), which is your favorite? The sturdy and stripey bag is made for mom, but it’s on the smaller side so could fit a toddler pretty great as well.


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cute and fun / sassy bottoms / pretty high-rise / funky extra top cover / retro cute / comfy bottoms

New Feature?  I often get emails and comments asking for advice on finding items for the family, so I thought why not create a little feature around that idea. So this is where I will post our favorite items (for the whole family), the items we think are The Bee’s Knees.

I have been searching for a new swim suit, a suit that is fun, sassy (and maybe a tiny bit sexy) but a bit more modest and comfy for when I’m swimming with kids. I want something Mom friendly but not Mom looking. Currently I only own bikinis that have string or ties (it’s a bit embarrassing actually) and those often get tugged and untied by tiny hands. I’m over constantly worrying about the possibility of flashing the entire public pool, so I am on the hunt for a great new swim suit. The price of swim is jaw dropping (you’d think the price would match the amount of fabric) I have always avoided the prices of quality swim, but after buying so many cheapo suits over the years I’m convinced you get what you pay for. These are 6 of the swim suits I think are The Bee’s Knees, they all have a bit of extra coverage in the just right places but are still sassy and fun. The only problem is I now want all them, which one is your favorite?

EDIT: I found this super cute polka dot full suit, that has a really great price tag.

What do you think of this new feature idea…yay or nay?


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