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toronto-food-truck-festival The first ever Toronto Food Truck Festival with our good friends. The dads standing around talking, probably about Bacon.

play-fighting-kids Two against One and the girls took him down.

watching-band-play The band dedicated a song to King, he was beaming – just look at that proud face (and those rosy cheeks). Also, Hi Lesley!

kids-sharing Because it just tastes better shared between friends.

big-toothy-grin Just after she fell face first off the chair, not sure how she did it or how she ever does it – cause it happens quite a lot (klutzy like her Mom).

cuddles-with-mom kids-rock-climbing To the top, they go.

swimming-like-a-fish Swimming like a fish and giving his Mom heart attacks along the way. Actually it was all the belly flops and cannon balls that gave me Mom attacks, luckily Dad was on life guard duty.

dancing-in-the-rain Dancing in the rain.

go-karts-for-kids Anxiously awaiting their turn, my super excited little bobble heads.

family-go-karts Girls against boys go-kart racing. Boys totally kicked out butts. *Polson Pier go-karts

Our long weekend, was fun and relaxation filled. Officially one month left of summer!

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August 5, 2014 · Daily,REAL LIFE


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